LIFE PRO BCAA 2:1:1 500G

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Life Pro BCAA 2:1:1 is a sports supplement that provides a dose of branched amino acids in a 2:1:1:1 ratio, which contribute to promote muscle mass gain, as well as a better recovery after workouts.
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Life Pro BCAA 8:1:1 is a sports supplement that provides branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs in 8:1:1 ratio of the highest quality.
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Beta Alanine from Life Pro is a new supplement that provides Beta Alanine, a non-essential amino acid, i.e. one that our body produces at certain levels by itself, which is synthesised in the liver and carries out functions directly related to the synthesis of carnosine.
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Life Pro BCAA 8:1:1 + Glutamine Ajinomoto 300 G. is a sports supplement that combines 4 types of amino acids, glutamine with BCAAS of the highest quality that favor a fast and adequate recovery after workouts, as well as an improvement in muscle mass gain.
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LIFE PRO GLUTAMINE AJINOMOTO 250 G. L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid for muscle recovery. LIFE PRO GLUTAMINE prevents muscle catabolism and Ajinomoto enhances the taste.
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Life Pro Glutamine Ajinomoto 250 gr . It is a supplement composed of L-glutamine Ajinomoto, responsible for improving muscle recovery after training and enhances physical performance.
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Life Pro MAP 1000mg. is a supplement with very beneficial nutritional characteristics for any athlete. In its composition it contains the 9 essential amino acids, those that our body is not able to produce by itself.


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L-glutamine provides several functions that are crucial for health and even more so when doing any sport.
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Taurine from Life Pro is a supplement based on taurine, a non-essential amino acid, which is part of our body, and is the second most abundant in free form in muscle tissue after glutamine. 


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Life Pro Map 300 G. is a scientifically studied formula that brings together in a single product all the pure and optimized essential amino acids to achieve a perfect and fast muscle growth and development.


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Life Pro GABA is an ideal food supplement for all those people who want to reduce their stress and anxiety naturally. In addition, it is a great sleep inducer that improves your night's rest.
Life Pro Essentials ALC1000 Acetyl L-carnitine is a supplement that offers carnitine with a special formulation, which increases its ease of absorption by the body. This substance improves the metabolism of fatty acids, increasing energy and eliminating accumulated fats.


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Life Pro BCAA Pro 2:1:1 is a supplement that provides you with branched chain amino acids (BCAA), a compound that makes up the third part of the muscle composition. Ideal for protecting muscle tissues and improving their performance.
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Life Pro Citrulline Malate is a supplement that improves muscle performance by increasing blood flow and the transport of nutrients to muscle cells. It increases attributes such as strength and endurance.


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Life Pro Arginine will help you in your sports performance through various benefits, such as vasodilation, increased energy or improved recovery.
12.90 €
Life Pro Essentials NAC is a food supplement created from N-Acetyl Cysteine, a compound that has great antioxidant properties, in addition to other benefits for the body of athletes.
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Life Pro BCAA 8.1.1 300g is a dietary supplement based on branched amino acids (L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine) that promote muscle growth and recovery.

What are amino acids?

Amino acids are the structures that make up the composition of proteins, one of the three macronutrients: they are responsible for forming a multitude of structures in the organism, cells, muscle mass, etc.

There are 20 types of amino acids. We can classify them into two main categories: essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids.

Essential amino acids are those that cannot be produced by our organism by itself, they must be provided through food and diet or supplementation. They are: isoleucine, lysine, valine, leucine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine and tryptophan,

Non-essential amino acids, on the other hand, can be synthesised by the body. However, increasing the daily amount can have multiple benefits in the field of sport.

Supplementation with amino acids is a simple and convenient way of guaranteeing the required daily intake, as well as benefiting from the individual or combined properties of each one, especially in the field of sport, where they can contribute to improving performance, favouring protein synthesis and even improving vasodilation.

What are amino acids for?

Amino acids are necessary for a multitude of functions and processes within the body:

  • They promote the maintenance and gain of muscle mass.
  • They stimulate protein synthesis and prevent catabolism or loss of muscle mass.
  • They are involved in the activation of the MTor pathway.
  • They promote the creation of an anabolic environment and a positive nitrogen balance.
  • They improve the recovery process after physical exercise.
  • They supply the muscles with the nutrients they need at all times and transport oxygen.
  • They help prevent and postpone the feeling of fatigue during and after training.

Some amino acids improve the state of the immune system and are necessary for the production of antioxidants, such as glutathione.

What types of amino acid supplements are available?


BCAAS or branched-chain amino acids are a set of 3 amino acids: valine, leucine and isoleucine, which aim to promote protein synthesis and muscle mass gain. They also help to delay fatigue and prevent muscle mass loss. They do not need to be digested.


EEAA or essential amino acids are one of the most complete amino acid supplements, as they are composed of a combination of the 9 essential amino acids. They do not need to be digested and are rapidly absorbed.


This amino acid supports the production of an antioxidant called glutathione and can be used as a source of energy when it is required in the muscle.


Map Amino Acids, or Master Amino Acid Pattern provides a patented combination of essential amino acids that delivers an exact amount of each amino acid in the most optimal ratio for maximum effectiveness.


This amino acid is involved in energy production, helps get nutrients into the cells and, although it can be confusing, it is not stimulating.


Promotes nitric oxide production and improves flow. Provides pumping sensation.

Beta alanine

Used to metabolise glucose, reduces oxidative stress and boosts the immune system.

When to take amino acids?

Amino acids do not require digestion. Once they are introduced into the body, they are absorbed and released into the bloodstream where they are transported to where they are needed. They can be taken at any time of the day.

A key moment may be to take them during training, as they will provide the muscle with the nutrients it needs and can promote performance and postpone the feeling of fatigue. They do not cause discomfort or heavy digestion.

Before training: as part of our pre-workout, in order to promote energy production and vasodilation.

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