Life Pro RecoPro Cluster Dextrin with BCAA's and Electrolytes is a very complete supplement that combines highly branched cíclic dextrin with BCAA's and electrolytes, to offer a total improvement of the athlete's performance.


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Life Pro Pure Waxy! Neutro is a nutritional supplement based on corn starch (amylopectin), a carbohydrate of rapid assimilation responsible for providing energy in all your physical training.
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Life Pro Pure Waxy! 2Kg is an energy supplement based on the properties of amylopectin, a type of carbohydrate that acts quickly and without digestive discomfort.

What is intra-workout?

Intra-workouts are supplements specifically designed for sports, with the aim of helping to maintain performance during physical activity and providing the necessary nutrients to do so.

Intra-workouts have been formulated to meet the needs generated during intense physical activity or competition. They help to maintain energy levels, to replenish mineral salts and water lost through sweating, to quickly replenish glycogen stores so that performance drops, among many other objectives.

We can find different variants of intra-workout supplements based on their composition. What they all have in common is that they are easily and quickly digested, so they do not upset the stomach and are absorbed within a few minutes of taking them. This means that physical activity is not hindered. 

Who are intra-workout supplements recommended for?

Intra-workout supplements are recommended for people who have among their objectives:

  • Favouring the maintenance of power and performance.
  • To extend the duration of training.
    • Favouring the maintenance of muscle mass.
  • Replenish lost mineral salts and water.
  • Maintain glycogen stores.

They are ideal for high intensity training, including strength training, especially those formulated with amino acids, and for long duration exercise such as cycling, marathons, etc., those based on carbohydrates and minerals. 

What is the purpose of intra-training?

Intra-training has the function of helping to maintain optimal performance during physical activity, whether strength or endurance, as well as competitions.

It helps to maintain adequate energy levels, avoid fatigue and tiredness, avoid the appearance of cramps thanks to minerals and dehydration. If the intra-workout supplement contains BCAAs, EEAA or other types of amino acids, it helps maintain muscle mass by nourishing it with the necessary amino acids.

What is the composition of an intra-workout?

The composition of one intra-workout and another can vary. Among the most common components we find: 

Carbohydrate intake:

These are the macronutrient responsible for providing energy, replenishing muscle glycogen deposits and preventing the onset of fatigue earlier than desired.

The carbohydrates contained in this type of supplement are quickly digested and absorbed, and do not cause stomach discomfort or heaviness. For example, we can find amylopectin or maltodextrin. 

Amino acids: 

To promote the maintenance of muscle mass, there are intra-workout supplements that contain BCAAS or EEAA, i.e. amino acids necessary for the formation and maintenance of muscle tissue. They promote the creation of an anabolic environment and prevent any possible loss.

Vitamins and minerals: 

Certain vitamins are necessary for energy production and macronutrient metabolism. Minerals, on the other hand, must be replenished, as they are lost through sweat. 

When to take an intra-workout?

The right time is during training, with plenty of water.

How to take an intra-workout?

To take the chosen intra-workout supplement, the amount to be taken should be determined based on the needs of each person's body, as well as the type of training, duration and other factors to be taken into account. 

It is recommended to follow the instructions of the selected intra-workout supplement in detail.

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