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The Life Pro face mask has been designed to ensure adequate protection and an innovative design that combines the brand's corporate colours.

How do I fit a mask?

After selecting a mask that fits our specific characteristics, it is important to fit the mask properly and following the guidelines provided to ensure correct protection.

It should be fitted properly, covering the nose, tight on both sides of the face with no gaps. It should be below the chin.

Use of two masks: To achieve a better fit of our skin, different masks can be combined: in this case, it is recommended to place a disposable mask on the bottom and a fabric mask on top.

Remember that the mask should NOT be placed incorrectly, for example, placed on the nose without covering the mouth, on the chin without protecting the nose, on the neck, forehead and other parts of the body. An incorrectly fitted mask will not protect or guarantee a minimum of efficacy.

What types of masks are there?

Fabric facemasks: have multiple layers of breathable fabric and a nosepiece for improved fit and support.

Disposable facemasks: multiple layers of the material used and a nosepiece. There are several types.

How to disinfect a mask?

Disposable masks should be reused after the usage time has expired: this time is indicated on the mask packaging. If in doubt, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Reusable or cloth masks need to be washed frequently to ensure their efficacy and safety.

It is recommended that the mask be washed daily. It can be washed with the rest of your clothes, with detergent or by hand with water and detergent. Before use, it should be dried thoroughly.

What is the best mask?

Some tips for choosing the mask that best suits you are as follows:

Approval: to guarantee that it will protect the person in case of contact with the virus and external agents.

Characteristics of the person: individualise and look for what suits our features and needs.

In the case of children, it is recommended to choose one specifically designed for their size.

Beard, moustache: use a double mask or closing adjustments.

How to store the mask?

If the mask is clean and in good condition, it can be stored, always in the same position, in a closed bag or a mask storage bag. Remember that masks have a certain time of use and should not be exceeded to ensure their safety.

If a fabric mask is used, it is essential to wash it regularly with detergent, either by hand or in a washing machine, and according to the instructions given by the manufacturer.

If the mask is dirty or damp, its effectiveness is reduced. It is recommended that the mask be stored until it can be washed and dried and a new one used.

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