Sauzero Zero Calories Choco Nut 310ml

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Zero syrup with no added sugars and no fat. Its cocoa and hazelnut flavour is ideal for people with a sweet tooth, especially those with a passion for chocolate. 

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What is Sauzero Choco Nut?

Sauzero in Choco Nut flavour is a delicious zero syrup in chocolate flavour with hazelnuts, made with no added sugars, and less than 5 calories per serving. Choco But sauce is ideal to combine with pancakes, oatmeal, crepes or any sweet recipe. 

Sauzero is the new line of your favourite sauces and syrups in its Zero version. It has been designed with one goal in mind: to offer a wide variety of sauces, syrups and premium ingredients. One of the most outstanding features of Sauzero is that all Sauzero sauces are sugar and fat free and very low in calories.

Sauzero in Choco Nut flavour is made from cocoa and sweetened with sucralose. It is ideal to accompany sweet dishes and recipes.

Properties and characteristics of Sauzero Choco Nut:

Sauzero is a line of sauces and syrups, recommended for all people looking to improve the flavour of their dishes and recipes, without adding extra calories and taking care of their diet. Sauzero helps to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, while breaking the monotony in the diet. 

  • Exquisite chocolate hazelnut flavour.
  • Low in calories. Less than 5 kcal per serving. 
  • No added sugars and no fat. 
  • Non-GMO.
  • 100% vegan composition. 

How to take Sauzero Choco Nut?

Add 1 serving of syrup (20 grams) to your favourite desserts. 

Storage instructions: Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within one month.

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Frequently questions

Contiene lactosa?

  2023-01-20 22:22:40 - Lorena

Hola Lorena, 

el producto en sí no contiene lactosa, pero, en la etiqueta se indica que el producto puede llevar trazas de los alérgenos que se trabajan en la misma línea de fabricación.

Aunque la empresa tiene desarrollado el Plan de Limpieza y Desinfección encada una de sus líneas y los alérgenos están almacenados por separado, siempre advertimos de posibles trazas, resultantes de la contaminación cruzada, en caso de las personas alérgicas.

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