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Hydrolysed protein is one of the 3 main types of protein that can be obtained from milk, characterised by its high purity, low carbohydrate and fat content and easy digestibility. Hydrolysed protein provides between 75% and 92%.

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Hydro Isolate from Life Pro is a high quality, high purity hydrolyzed whey protein supplement that contributes to achieving daily requirements and has been enriched with Digezyme complex.

What is hydrolysed protein?

It is obtained by a process called hydrolysis, which can be carried out enzymatically or chemically. During this process, the protein is pre-digested. The protein is made up of amino acids and during this process these long chains are broken down into smaller peptides and free amino acids. These are absorbed more quickly into the body. 

The fat and carbohydrate content of hydrolysed protein is practically non-existent. It is the purest protein and has a high bioavailability and excellent amino acid profile.

What is hydrolysed protein for?

Protein is one of the 3 macronutrients, which plays a very important role in sports. Protein is necessary for the gain and maintenance of muscle mass, as well as for the subsequent recovery process.

Hydrolysed protein is a supplement that can be recommended for people looking for the highest quality and purest protein on the market. Hydrolysed protein supplementation helps to achieve protein requirements in a convenient and simple way, providing as little fat and CH as possible.

What are the benefits of hydrolysed protein?

  • High percentage of protein, from 75% to 92%.
  • Rapid assimilation and digestion. No heavy digestion.
  • It has an excellent amino acid profile.
  • High purity; it has a low carbohydrate and fat content.
  • Suitable for lactose intolerant people.

What are the differences between hydrolysed protein and protein isolate?

Hydrolysed protein and protein isolate are derived from whey. The main difference between the two is the way they are obtained. Protein isolate is obtained through a process called cross-flow microfiltration or ion exchange. The hydrolysed protein is obtained by hydrolysis.

Protein isolate has a protein percentage of about 90%. It is a cheaper option to hydrolysed protein. Also, its proportion of carbohydrates and fats is very low.

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