Instant Oats Premium Life Pro Fit Food is Life Pro's premium oat flakes. Their great nutritional benefits can be enjoyed in 9 different delicious flavors, so no one will be without their favorite. Rich in carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.


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LIFE PRO FIT-FOOD FLAPJACK 120 G. are mainly oat bars, with 4 delicious flavours. LIFE PRO FIT-FOOD oat bars provide a large amount of sustained energy over time without insulin peaks, so it is perfect for prolonged efforts as you have guaranteed energy.
Life Pro Cocoa Protein Cream is a delicious cream that combines peanuts and cocoa cream with hazelnuts that has a delicious chocolate flavor and is high in protein.
Protein Cream Chocoreo Crunchy is a peanut and white cocoa cream with hazelnuts and Oreo cookies with white chocolate flavor and that stands out for being high in protein.


6.50 €
Tasty Rice from Life Pro is a supplement made from pre-gelatinised rice flour, which maintains all the properties and nutrients of rice, which allows you to prepare different creams or recipes quickly and easily.
Enjoy your most delicious flavours, accompanied by a high protein content. Unlike other hazelnut creams, Life Pro Protein Dark Choco Black Cookies stands out for being a cream with a high protein content, and comes from a vegan protein source, specifically from high quality rice protein isolate.
Enjoy your favourite spreadable treats with a high protein content. Unlike other traditional hazelnut spreads, Life Pro Protein Speculoos and Cocoa stands out as a high-protein spread, derived from a vegan protein source, namely high-quality rice protein isolate.


2.50 €
Life Protein Bread is a bread that stands out for its high protein content, as well as being low in fat and carbohydrates. It is the ideal choice for adding as a complement to your daily meals.
This cream stands out for its high protein value, one of the most important macronutrients in the diet of people who do physical activity and sport, ideal for enjoying the sweetest flavours and taking care of your diet at the same time.
Enjoy with the new Life Pro Fit Food Protein Cream NUTpro, an exquisite cocoa cream with hazelnuts without added sugars. ¡Another type of Nutella!!! ¡¡Don't miss it!!
1.20 €
Delicious chocolate muffin, the Mr. Yummy Protein Muffin Triple Chocolate contains a high protein content, perfect for any time. Try it and repeat. Sure.
1.40 €
The Mr Yummy sweet potato bagel is a delicious bagel made with sweet potato, ideal for your healthy breakfasts or snacks.
6.50 €
For all those who want to enjoy their favourite pizzas, while taking care of their diet and adapting to their goals, Life Pro pizza base is the food that cannot be missing in the kitchen. Protein pizza base, made from a mix of proteins: wheat protein, wheat flour, soy flour, ideal for anyone who wants to maintain a perfect body.
Mr Yummy Bagel is a bagel filled with dark chocolate and spelled in the shape of a bagel, ideal to include in your breakfasts, snacks, desserts or moments when you want to enjoy a sweet snack high in protein.
This delicious white praline cream with pistachio and hazelnut contains high-quality ingredients and a special formula that pampers and cares for your health. Its innovative composition contains less fat than a product with the same characteristics.
1.40 €
Blueberrys Mr Yummy bagel is a delicious bagel made from blueberries, ideal for your healthy breakfasts or snacks.
1.40 €
Mr Yummy bagels are the ideal ally to enjoy a delicious bagel, made with the best ingredients and with a high protein content. Its main ingredients include egg whites, an excellent source of high biological value protein, and spelt, a source of slow-release carbohydrates. It has also been enriched with whey protein in order to increase the protein value.

What is fit food?

The concept of fit food was born as a result of the growing trend among people to take care of their diet, to maintain healthy lifestyle habits and to find foods in line with this.

The aim of fit food is to combat the numerous options of fast food, unhealthy processed food and ready meals that people choose in today's fast-paced lifestyle. Many people's daily lives are characterised by a lack of time to cook: fit food facilitates this process, while providing superior nutritional quality. This type of food can be found in a fit food market.

The demand for fitness food is increasing. The number of conventional food options, in a healthy form and with better nutritional values is increasing. The benefit for people is the ease with which they can improve their diet and lifestyle and still enjoy their favourite foods, without giving up their favourite flavours while taking care of their health.

In addition to the improvement in its composition, we can also highlight that during its elaboration process, the excessive use of saturated fats, reheated oils, hydrogenated x oils, chemical additives, melted hydrogenated oils, etc., is considerably reduced, either totally or partially.

What are the benefits of fit food?

Improved nutrient balance: fit food options are often notable for their high protein content, the most important macronutrient for fitness and sports people.

  • They encourageadherence to a healthy and varied diet: they avoid falling into the monotony of the same foods.
  • Their calorie intake is lower than conventional options: they help maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Their sugar content is practically non-existent in the vast majority.
  • The use of whole grains instead of white grains: as a consequence, the increase in fibre and nutrients is greater.
  • The use of preservatives and additives is much lower.
  • The use of saturated fats, reheated oils, etc. is reduced and options with a greater number of properties are chosen.

How to eat fit food?

Foods categorised as fit food are designed to be eaten as a substitute for their conventional version. They promote better habits and health care.

The variety of options is increasing. At Life Pro we offer you a wide range of options that you can include in your daily routine to improve your diet and make it easier to eat healthy. You can choose from protein spreads with different flavours, high in protein and with no added sugars, breads, wraps or even pizza doughs to create your own healthy versions, made with wholemeal flour.

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