Life Pro Shaker 400 ml. Nano BlueTransparent is a practical and useful shaker for shakes, supplements, or water from Life Pro Nutrition. It is very easy to take with you everywhere, being your ideal travel companion thanks its small size.
2.20 €
Life Pro Shaker 700 ml. Transparent Blue is a practical and stylish shaker for shakes and supplements from Life Pro Nutrition. It is convenient to carry with you at all times and will become your best ally in your workouts, no matter where they are.
4.90 €
The Life Pro Endurance Bottle is the new accessory designed to drink water, liquids or to facilitate the intake of your supplements.
9.99 €
The Life Pro narrow-mouth bottle is the new accessory designed for drinking water or your favorite liquid during or after workouts.
15.90 €
Take your workout routine one step further with this brand new t-shirt from Life Pro's sportswear range.
6.90 €
The Life Pro fuchsia tank top is the ideal complement to your outfit, for the most fashionable workout in the most comfortable way with an excellent design.
7.90 €
Life Pro Sportswear Gloves will not only give you style in the gym, but will also protect your hands from rubbing, calluses and hardness produced when working with apparatus, machines, dumbbells, barbells, weights, ...
39.90 €
LIFE PRO SPORTS SHORTS LIQUID METAL. if you love doing sport, fitness, bodybuilding hereí you have in the LIFEPRO LIQUID METAL tights your best companion. Maximum adaptability, comfort, style and also modify your silhouette by accentuating areas and concealing others.


8.90 €
The Life Pro face mask has been designed to ensure adequate protection and an innovative design that combines the brand's corporate colours.
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7.00 €
LIFE PRO SPORTSWEAR GLOVES WITH GRID. Made in white leather and with a mesh fabric back for perfect breathability. Protect your hands with LIFE PRO SPORTSWEAR's mesh gloves. 
39.90 €
Life Pro map sports tights. The Life Pro map tights with a special design for fitness and bodybuilding with a stylish world map design. You will find them all over the world.
Life pro sports shorts liquid metal brown maximum fit, comfort, style, and also modify your silhouette accentuating areas and concealing others. If you love doing sport, fitness, bodybuilding hereí you have in the lifepro liquid metal brown leggings your best companion.
8.90 €
Are made of very resistant material. Contains a pack of 2 wristbands in a striking black design with 2 white stripes and the Life Pro Sportswear logo and branding.

What are sports accessories?

Sports accessories are all those accessories that make our daily life easier, before, during and after physical activity.

Accessories are intended to be of great use to all those athletes who want to take care of every last detail: shakers, towels, gloves, belts and an endless number of accessories can be found.

These types of accessories can make a big difference when training, and throughout the day for people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some help improve performance, others help keep you hydrated, protect you from sweat at common training sites and protect you from injury.

What are sports supplements for?

Depending on the type of sports accessory you choose, it will have been designed for one purpose or another. Those such as clothing: T-shirts, leggings, or hand accessories such as gloves, are intended to improve comfort and well-being.

There are accessories such as lumbar belts or girdles, which are intended to help prevent injuries due to the extra support and support they provide. Shakers and bottles are very useful to prepare your shakes and take all your sports supplements comfortably.

What types of sports supplements are there?

  • Clothing: necessary to feel comfortable while training.
  • Gloves: protect your hands from chafing, calluses and help maintain hygiene.
  • Belts: prevent injuries when training with heavy loads.
  • Bottles and shakers: make it easy to drink shakes and water at any time of the day. They allow you to prepare your shakes quickly and conveniently.
  • Towels: to avoid contact with sweat in common training areas.
  • Backpacks: the must-have accessory for carrying all your belongings comfortably.
  • Pill dispensers: to make it easier to take supplements in capsule or tablet form.
  • Thermal backpacks: their function is to keep the tupperware with food at the right temperature and to favour its preservation.

Which sports accessory to choose?

Choosing one or more sports accessories will depend on your tastes and needs. At Life pro we offer you a wide variety of accessories so that you can choose the ones that best suit your requirements and preferences.

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