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Life Pro Wild PumpNon Stimulant is a caffeine-free pre-workout that promotes performance enhancement, vasodilation and mineral supply to the muscles.
Life Pro Essentials CLA Clarinol 1000mg. is the ideal supplement for all those who want to reduce the presence of fats in your body, either to lose weight, define or any other objective. It transforms the accumulated fatty acids into energy.
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Taurine from Life Pro is a supplement based on taurine, a non-essential amino acid, which is part of our body, and is the second most abundant in free form in muscle tissue after glutamine. 


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Lipopro is a sports supplement that has been designed to contribute and facilitate fat loss and accelerate its metabolism in the body to be used as energy.
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Life Pro Carnitine Carnipure 500ml provides premium quality carnitine. With this supplement you can increase the burning of fatty acids, improving your energy and concentration while reducing accumulated fat.
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This product contains p-synephrine. P-synephrine can be found naturally in the peel of the bitter orange, as well as in many other plants of the citrus family. &It is a protoalkaloid commonly used in products intended to increase fat oxidation and athletic performance.

What is a caffeine free preworkout?

A caffeine-free pre-workout is a supplement that aims to provide multiple benefits during training without the need to use stimulant substances.

The composition of caffeine-free pre-workouts is based on creatine, tyrosine, beta alanine, taurine, BCAAS... among other components. Among their main objectives are that they increase the sensation of pump, improve vasodilation, optimise sports performance, concentration and even energy at a cellular level.

This type of stimulant-free pre-workout is ideal for people who wish to consume pre-workouts close to sleep or do not have an adequate tolerance to caffeine. Life Pro pre-workouts have been rigorously designed to the highest quality standards to provide the most effective and innovative combinations to support your workouts.

What are the components of a caffeine free preworkout?

The composition of this type of pre-workout can be very varied depending on the objective or goal for which it has been designed, such as increasing vasodilation, increasing strength, etc.

One of the most common ingredients are isolated amino acids, BCAAS or EEAA: they promote the creation of an ideal anabolic environment. Taurine promotes energy production at a cellular level, without affecting the central nervous system. A common component is beta alanine. It helps to delay the onset of tiredness and fatigue and produces a slight tingling sensation in the body.

As the name suggests, they do not contain any stimulants such as caffeine or guarana. It is the choice for people who want to benefit from a pre-workout but are sensitive to caffeine or do not wish to take it.

What is a caffeine free pre-workout for?

A caffeine-free pre-workout can be used to obtain multiple benefits and optimise our performance in preparation for a workout. They improve blood flow, circulation and as a result more oxygen will reach the muscle tissues.

They improve energy production at the cellular level, without affecting the central nervous system, help to delay fatigue, prevent tiredness and provide an optimal supply of nutrients.

Especially for people sensitive to caffeine, they avoid the side effects of caffeine that people sensitive to caffeine may experience, such as vomiting, nausea, dizziness, etc.

How to take a caffeine free pre-workout?

Due to its stimulant-free composition, it can be consumed close to the time of sleep as it does not interfere with rest. If in doubt, follow the instructions of the selected pre-workout. It is recommended to take a caffeine-free pre-workout within 20 to 40 minutes before training.

Dosage will depend on the individual and tolerance to each ingredient. It is recommended that you read the product labelling carefully.

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