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Life Pro Antiaging Collagen Peptides is a food supplement specifically designed to prevent the negative effects of aging, especially skin marks.
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Life Pro Artilife is a supplement specially designed for anyone (mainly athletes) to achieve optimal joint health, avoiding discomfort and injuries of all kinds.

How to improve joint health?

With the passing of the years, and the wear and tear produced by multiple factors, the joints suffer wear and tear, which, as a result, can lead to discomfort in ligaments, tendons, etc. It is important to prevent this wear and tear from occurring or progressing as much as possible.

There are supplements and food supplements that are intended to prevent or delay this type of injury and maintain proper joint health. It is also essential to have a good diet, rich in protein and micronutrients adapted to the requirements.

This type of supplementation helps the regeneration and maintenance of bones, tendons and joints, preventing the onset of diseases such as osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis and favours the production of new cartilage, as well as reducing swelling and pain.

Physical activity, of light or moderate intensity, which allows movement of the joints, will also improve their condition and can help to strengthen them.

What is the best vitamin for joints?

Among the vitamins, we can highlight the use and properties of the following in order to improve joint health:

Vitamin C: is known for its important antioxidant function. It also contributes to the maintenance of cartilage, helps to reduce inflammatory processes that can cause joint pain and is necessary for the collagen production process.

Vitamin D : is obtained mainly through exposure to sunlight. It contributes to the maintenance of healthy joints because it is necessary for the absorption and regulation of calcium in bones and teeth. It is also involved in other processes related to cartilage synthesis.

Vitamin E: prevents cartilage wear and tear.

What to take to regenerate cartilage?

Some of the best supplements for regenerating cartilage are:

Glucosamine: protects bones, stimulates cartilage production,

Chondroitin: is a component that naturally forms part of cartilage and is necessary for its regeneration. Protects joints, tendons and ligaments.

Collagen: helps to reduce joint inflammation, reduce pain after physical activity and improve the condition of bones and joints.

Why do joint injuries occur?

It is common for sportsmen and women and people who frequently engage in physical activity to suffer from the impact produced on their joints, causing discomfort in ligaments, tendons and cartilage. Sportsmen and women are one of the groups who subject their joints to the greatest wear and tear.

Arthrosis and osteoarthritis are the most common pathologies, caused by wear and tear and inflammation of a joint. Other factors that can lead to joint wear and tear are: sedentary lifestyles, excessive strain, obesity and overweight, and certain metabolic diseases.

Age is a factor that affects the condition of the joints, as over the years, our body produces less collagen and other components necessary for proper maintenance.

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