9.90 €
The Valhalla T-shirt is the new garment of Life Pro's sportswear line, breathable, comfortable to wear, and with an innovative design. 
15.90 €
Take your workout routine one step further with this brand new t-shirt from Life Pro's sportswear range.


10.90 €
Life Pro blue Sleeveless T-Shirt. made of breathable and elastic textile fiber to keep you comfortable in the gym and allow you to perform your exercises without problems.
6.90 €
The Life Pro fuchsia tank top is the ideal complement to your outfit, for the most fashionable workout in the most comfortable way with an excellent design.

What are gym T-shirts for?

Gym T-shirts are a garment designed to provide comfort when doing different workouts.

It is of vital importance to wear suitable clothing for physical exercise, so that they help perspiration, are comfortable and do not prevent or limit any type of movement that we wish to carry out.

Comfort is the fundamental aspect when choosing a training garment: whether it is because the fabric damages our skin, because freedom of movement is reduced, or for any other similar reason, we must discard those that are not practical and use the right garments.

Why is clothing important for training?

Especially in those sports or training sessions focused on the upper body, it is vitally important that the shirt chosen allows for all types of movement, without limiting the range of motion or causing discomfort.

The fabric of gym T-shirts is ideal for not causing discomfort, such as chafing, wounds, cutting off circulation, leaving marks, etc. In addition, they are not easily torn, so that each garment can last longer than other T-shirts.

Perspiration is another factor to take into account. It is important that the fabric with which it has been designed is breathable: each person has different levels of perspiration. The T-shirt must resist them and not be damaged.

How to choose the right gym T-shirt?

To choose the right T-shirt for your needs, it is important to take into account:

  • The fabric with which it has been designed: elastic and breathable.
  • The cut of the sleeve, whether it is a tank top or a short sleeve.
  • The length of the T-shirt
  • The fit to the body: what is our preference, a wider or tighter garment.
  • The type of collar.
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