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Burgers made with more than 93% chicken breast, in different flavours and with a high protein content.
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Hamburgers made with minced beef, which have a high protein content and a low percentage of fat. Different flavours to choose from.
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Hamburgers made with highest quality ingredients, which have a high protein content and a low percentage of fat. Different flavors to choose from.

What are hamburgers?

Hamburgers are a food that, although their consumption is widespread and known worldwide, is consumed by all of us. Industrial hamburgers are a caloric bomb for our bodies, and most of them are harmful to our health. They are the main cause of obesity due to the high amount of fats, additives, preservatives, and refining processes they have undergone.

That is why the hamburger market has been undergoing a great change for some time now. The emergence of fitness hamburgers has represented an evolution towards something much better and healthier. Fitness hamburgers are internationally known and consumed by a growing number of people, becoming one of the star products in Fit Food, as they are a substitute for industrial hamburgers that are so tasty yet harmful to us.

Within the category of fitness hamburgers, we can find a huge variety of flavors and types, making them one of the most consumed foods by people who follow a diet or seek to take care of their nutrition and prevent deterioration.

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The enemy of fats and cholesterol

This type of food is well-known and in high demand, which has led to the appearance of numerous types of hamburgers. We can find vegan, organic, fitness hamburgers, among many others, but all of them share a common characteristic: satisfying people's needs in the best possible way, both for our health and our different tastes. They have been produced in an eco-friendly manner, free of fats, sugars, and other chemical additives that can be harmful to our health. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle, regardless of whether they engage in sports or not, and are beneficial to their body and the different dietary approaches they follow.

Benefits of consuming these hamburgers

By consuming these hamburgers, we can provide our bodies with the nutrients, vitamins, and proteins they need while avoiding harmful fats, preservatives, and other additives. Additionally, these hamburgers are ideal for complementing our diets, thanks to their wide variety. They cater to different preferences, including vegan hamburgers for vegetarians, as well as organic and bio hamburgers, all of which are of much higher quality than the more well-known industrial hamburgers.

These hamburgers are also ideal for weight loss and recommended for consumption, whether or not someone engages in physical exercise, as the primary goal is to take care of our bodies. They provide a great source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, allowing our bodies to recover in the best possible way while enjoying these foods in our diets without having to exclude them.

Historically, the term "hamburger" has been associated with "junk food," "fats and cholesterol," and "weight gain." However, with the evolution and introduction of this type of hamburgers in the market, we can maintain the deliciousness and flavor of our diet while eliminating the prejudices that most people may have.

Can these hamburgers be consumed while following diets?

Definitely, and it is even recommended to include and complement them in our diets. These are foods that are free of fats, sugars, and other additives and are rich in proteins, vitamins, and nutrients necessary for our bodies.

How many units are recommended to be consumed in one meal?

Having 1 or 2 hamburgers would be sufficient to have a balanced diet and provide the necessary proteins and nutrients for our bodies.

Are they suitable for consumption by anyone?

Of course, regardless of whether someone engages in sports or exercise, although it is always recommended to exercise as it will be more efficient and effective. These hamburgers can be consumed by anyone who wants to maintain a healthy diet. However, in the case of having any condition, allergy, or any other disease that could be harmful, it is advisable and necessary to consult with a doctor or nutritionist, as well as to inquire about the manufacturer's recommendations.

What variety of flavors can we find in these hamburgers?

There are many flavors available in this type of hamburgers, with the most popular and demanded ones being Spinach Beef, Chicken Kebab, Chicken Barbecue, Chicken Curry, Iberian, Turkey, and Beef. These flavors represent the most popular ones, but there is an even greater variety of flavors available.

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