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Hydro Isolate from Life Pro is a high quality, high purity hydrolyzed whey protein supplement that contributes to achieving daily requirements and has been enriched with Digezyme complex.

Sports nutrition is undoubtedly one of the fastest evolving disciplines in recent years. The arrival of a huge number of new fitness enthusiasts has meant an exponential increase in demand, so companies have been born and investment in research, development and innovation has increased. One of the best examples is protein, whose leading presence in the industry has led to many studies focusing on it, resulting in such innovations as whey protein isolate supplements.

This is a type of product that achieves a tremendous protein concentration, usually over 90%. Thus, they are ideal for all those athletes who need a powerful extra of this macronutrient. Their benefits are very varied, but all of them are aimed at the same goal: to achieve optimal muscle health for sporting activity.

The role of protein in supplementation

Looking back at the supplementation industry, it is easy to see the dramatic change that has taken place in a relatively short time. Just a few years ago, products such as protein shakes were aimed exclusively at a very specific group of the population: elite professional athletes.

Today, however, any sports enthusiast has access to the advice of expert nutritionists, as well as the best supplements on the market. The fitness boom has spread, and with it the interest in self-improvement in terms of sport has grown, so that supplementation has become a discipline that arouses the interest of a great many people.

In this context, protein is of great importance, as it is the most common macronutrient in the sports nutrition sector. Its properties are varied, and many depend on the type of product in question, but it is possible to narrow it down to the most notable benefits. To do this, it is necessary to break down the three main functions they perform.

Whey isolates

The first is protection, which prevents the deterioration of muscle fibres through catabolism. The second is the nutrition of muscles, as proteins are their 'food', so an extra supply helps to improve variables such as strength and endurance, as well as facilitating the growth of lean mass. Thirdly, we must talk about recovery, whose capacity is notably improved thanks to amino acids (a substance present in proteins), which repair and regenerate muscle fibres.


Having clarified the main benefits of protein, we need to talk about one of its most effective forms: whey isolate. Derived from the same whey used to make dairy products such as yoghurt, whey protein isolate is extracted through a microfiltration process, which separates the protein from elements such as lactose, fats and carbohydrates. The result is a protein concentration of 90% or more, a true prodigy of supplementation.


The benefits resulting from this composition are very obvious, since eliminating carbohydrates and fats is ideal for definition or weight loss diets, for example. In addition, without the presence of lactose, whey isolate supplements gain in digestibility and become a perfect alternative for those who are lactose intolerant. These types of supplements can serve different purposes. They are useful both pre-workout and post-workout, as in both contexts it is important to have extra protein to protect muscle, allow muscle growth and improve recovery afterwards.


As already mentioned, whey isolate supplements do not have a single method of ingestion, although it is true that one could speak of two situations in which this type of product is ideal.

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