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Life Pro Essentials Nac 90 Caps

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Life Pro Essentials NAC is a food supplement created from N-Acetyl Cysteine, a compound that has great antioxidant properties, in addition to other benefits for the body of athletes.

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Composition of Life Pro Essentials NAC

This product contains N-Acetyl Cysteine, hypromellose, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stannate, black pepper extract and gelatin.

What is it for?

Life Pro Essentials NAC is a food supplement based on a natural compound called N-N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC). It is one of the most powerful and effective substances in the fight against the excess of free radicals and the damages derived from cellular oxidation. These antioxidant properties are beneficial for anyone, but are especially necessary in the cases of all those who do sports regularly and intensely.

Physical activity is one of the factors that most causes the proliferation of free radicals, a toxic substance that accelerates the processes of oxidative stress and cell aging. Therefore, it is very important for high-performance athletes to counteract this problem with antioxidant products, and Life Pro Essentials NAC is one of the best.

As if that wasn't enough, Life Pro Essentials NAC boasts some specifically positive benefits for athletic performance itself. It is able to delay the onset of fatigue or reduce its impact; moreover, it improves the recovery processes and helps to combat muscle inflammation and the discomfort it produces.

Benefits of Life Pro Essentials NAC

  • One of the most effective antioxidants.
  • Fights excess free radicals.
  • Protects cells from oxidative stress.
  • Reduces cellular fatigue.
  • Improves recovery.
  • Avoid discomfort due to muscle inflammation.

How to take Life Pro Essentials NAC?

Take 1 capsule per day at breakfast.

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Frequently questions

¿Cuál es la dosis recomendada y durante cuanto tiempo?, ¿Se recomiendan periodos de toma de 15 días y descansos de 15 días?, Gracias

  2023-05-04 18:22:22 - Raúl

Hola Raúl! La dosis recomendada es de 1 cápsula diaria y se debe tomar con el desayuno, se puede aumentar la dosis si se lo recomienda su médico. Respecto al tiempo de descanso, no hay ninguna evidencia científica que indique un descanso de la dosis, por lo cual, no es necesario realizar descansos de las dosis. Muchas gracias, un saludo! 

buenas tardes, me gustaria saber que composicion tiene el NAc de 90 capsulas. si lleva algo a parte de N acetil L cisteina...

  2022-08-31 20:30:10 - Jon

Hola Jon . te dejo la lista de ingredientes : ngredients /Ingredientes /Ingrédients

N-Acetil Cisteína 300mg

Celulosa microcristalina 25mg

Estereato de magnesio 5mg

Extracto de pimienta negra 0.12mg

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