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Here you will find shaker mixers so you can take your supplements with you whenever you need them.

  • 1.98 € CON CUPÓN
Life Pro Shaker 500 ml. Nano BlueTransparent is a practical and useful shaker for shakes, supplements, or water from Life Pro Nutrition. It is very easy to take with you everywhere, being your ideal travel companion thanks its small size.
  • 1.98 € CON CUPÓN
2.20 €
Life Pro Shaker 700 ml. Transparent Blue is a practical and stylish shaker for shakes and supplements from Life Pro Nutrition. It is convenient to carry with you at all times and will become your best ally in your workouts, no matter where they are.
  • 1.98 € CON CUPÓN
White Transparent Shaker of the Life Pro brand made of 500 ml Plastic. The Life Pro brand shaker is an excellent option to mix your favorite drinks. It is made of an impact resistant material and with a 500 mL capacity, which allows you to prepare large quantities of drinks without problems. The elegant and modern design of this shaker will add a touch of...
  • 1.98 € CON CUPÓN
Discover the 750 ml Transparent White Shaker from the Life Pro brand! Made of the highest quality plastic, it is the ideal companion for your smoothies and healthy drinks, which will accompany you wherever you go. anywhere.
  • 3.51 € CON CUPÓN
3.90 €
Steel Bottle is the ideal accessory to facilitate hydration by drinking water, or liquids of your choice. Extremely light weight and large capacity of 750 ml.
  • 1.98 € CON CUPÓN
2.20 €
Shaker Life Pro Black Transparent 500ml is a practical and useful shaker for shakes, supplements or water from Life Pro Nutrition. Capacity: 500ml.
  • 1.98 € CON CUPÓN
2.20 €
Shaker Life Pro Black Transparent 750ml is a practical and useful shaker for shakes, supplements or water from Life Pro Nutrition. Capacity: 750ml.

What is a shaker?

A shaker or shaker cup is an essential accessory for all athletes, which facilitates the preparation and transport of your favourite shakes and supplements.

A shaker is characterised by the speed and convenience with which we can prepare our supplement powder, without needing any other accessory or blender. It is designed with the aim of preparing your supplements quickly and easily.

There is a wide range of shakers to suit your tastes and preferences: you can choose between different models with different capacities (300 ml, 500 ml), different materials (metal, plastic, BMP plastic), closures, as well as the design that best suits your preferences (different colours).

There are models with extra compartments at the bottom. The aim is to facilitate the transport of both the liquid in the upper part and the powder supplement in the lower part, avoiding the need to carry the whole container or package. There are also some shakers that have a pill dispenser.

What is a shaker for?

They make it easy to carry any liquid, supplement or shake already prepared.

They help you achieve your dietary goals

They are strong and durable. You can use them for multiple occasions as they are designed with quality materials.

They allow you to achieve a homogeneous mix without the need for blenders or other kitchen accessories.

What types of shakers are there?

We can classify the different types of shakers or blenders according to different criteria.

According to their capacity: different capacities, from the smallest 300 ml, 400 ml, 500 ml, 600 ml to the largest 800 ml.

The type of closure: there are several types of closures, snap-top and screw-top. They prevent any possible loss of shake or liquid from the main compartment.

Where to put the shaker cup?

You can take your shaker cup to your workouts, sports sessions and physical activity. They are ideal for before training, for example, prepare your pre-workout in them, during training to keep you hydrated, and after training to replenish fluids and provide your body with the necessary nutrients.

How to use a shaker cup?

Open the main compartment, and add the liquid of your choice: you can use your shaker to carry only water or add milk, vegetable drink or even juice to combine it with the different supplements.

You can mix the powdered supplement directly or place it in the extra compartment to mix it before consumption. Shake until the supplement is completely dissolved and you're ready to go.

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