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Life Pro Map 300 G. is a scientifically studied formula that brings together in a single product all the pure and optimized essential amino acids to achieve a perfect and fast muscle growth and development.
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Life Pro EAAs Evidenced Formula 300g Supplement based on essential amino acids, with added tyrosine and cysteine. Promotes protein synthesis, optimises recovery and promotes muscle mass gain.
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Life Pro Arginine will help you in your sports performance through various benefits, such as vasodilation, increased energy or improved recovery.
LIFE PRO MAP 1000 mg 300 CAPS
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Life Pro MAP 1000mg. is a supplement with very beneficial nutritional characteristics for any athlete. In its composition it contains the 9 essential amino acids, those that our body is not able to produce by itself.

What are EAAs?

The EAA or essential amino acids are a set of the 9 amino acids that our body cannot produce by itself. They are of great importance for carrying out numerous physiological functions, and must be ingested through food and/or supplementation.

For people who regularly engage in physical activity, protein is the most important macronutrient. It is made up of small structures called amino acids, which can be further divided into two categories: essential and non-essential.

Essential Amino Acids or EAA supplements are made from only essential amino acids, namely: Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, Lysine, Methionine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Histidine and Phenylalanine. 

Amino acids are involved in many functions and processes within the body. Essential amino acids are needed to carry out a number of vital functions ranging from muscle tissue repair, regulation of metabolism, enzymes, hormones etc. It is an essential everyday supplement.

What is EAA for?

In relation to muscle mass gain:

Essential amino acids contribute to the maintenance and gain of muscle mass, they promote the creation of an anabolic environment. It contributes to achieving the amino acid supply that your muscle needs at any given moment. 

They can be used as a source of energy:

When muscles require it, they can use certain amino acids in order to obtain energy, and therefore help to keep glycogen stores loaded. They promote performance and reduce the feeling of fatigue. 

They help to improve performance: 

They improve and accelerate physical recovery after finishing training, increase your performance, and promote proper muscle development. 

When to take EAA?

Thanks to the advantage that EAA supplements are versatile, convenient to take, and do not cause any stomach upset, they can be taken at any time of the day. During workouts may be one of the most optimal times to ensure a continuous supply of nutrients to your muscles.

What are map amino acids?

Map Amino Acids, or Master Amino Acid Pattern, is a patented set of amino acids that is characterised by its high efficacy and optimal ratio of each amino acid.

The feature that sets Map amino acid sports supplements apart is that it has been patented: it is made up of essential amino acids, those that our body cannot synthesise on its own in the most optimal quantities and proportions for their assimilation and absorption.

It is made up of essential amino acids, Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, Lysine, Methionine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Histidine and Phenylalanine. Map or Master Amino Acid Pattern is a discovery in the world of nutrition by INRC (International Nutrition Research Centre).

What are MAP amino acids used for?

Optimal amino acid supply 

MAP contains an ideal proportion of each essential amino acid, which are necessary to carry out numerous functions, and which cannot be produced by our body.

Promotes muscle mass gain:

Amino acids are necessary for the maintenance and gain of muscle mass. They promote the creation of an anabolic environment and a positive nitrogen balance. They stimulate protein synthesis and prevent catabolism or loss of muscle mass.

Improve sporting performance:

They improve and accelerate physical recovery, can help prevent and postpone the feeling of fatigue. They also help to reduce muscle damage.

Their absorption and assimilation:

Their digestion and absorption process is easier and faster compared to a complete protein supplement. They do not upset the stomach.

When to take MAP amino acids?

MAP is a supplement suitable to be consumed both before and during workouts. It does not make you feel heavy or sick to your stomach, it is absorbed very quickly and provides your muscles with the nutrients they need.

They do not require digestion, providing immediate nutrients:

It is an ideal supplement to take either before, during or after training as it does not generate heaviness or discomfort. Essential amino acids are easy to digest as they do not need to be broken down.

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