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Rice flour is an alternative to conventional wheat flours, which has more nutritional components.

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Tasty Rice from Life Pro is a supplement made from pre-gelatinised rice flour, which maintains all the properties and nutrients of rice, which allows you to prepare different creams or recipes quickly and easily.
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Tasty Rice is a new supplement based on pregelatinized rice flour designed by Life Pro ideal for use as a source of carbohydrates easily digestible so you can incorporate it into your daily routine.
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Tasty Rice Choco Monky is a delicious, pre-cooked, pre-gelatinised rice flour, easy to prepare, with the unique delicious taste of Monky chocolate bars.

What are protein foods?

Protein foods are alternatives to conventional foods, whose composition and nutritional values have been improved in order to increase the amount of total protein.

Protein is one of the 3 macronutrients: it is the one that athletes pay most attention to because, among its main functions, it is responsible for repairing structures damaged during training, building and promoting the gain of muscle mass and maintaining it.

It is important to meet the individual requirements of each person every day: protein foods help you to reach your daily protein target, in a healthy way and without neglecting your favourite flavours and dishes. 

In addition, proteins are made up of amino acids: non-essential amino acids, those that can be produced by the body, and essential amino acids, which must be ingested through food as they cannot be synthesised.

Consumer demand for high-protein foods is increasing. They provide a higher satiety index, support goal achievement, contribute to improved body composition, etc. The number of conventional food options with better nutritional values is increasing.

What are the benefits of protein foods?

  • Their nutritional value: they have a high protein content compared to traditional foods.
  • They favour the maintenance and gain of muscle mass. Protein is the macronutrient responsible for this type of function.
  • They facilitate the recovery process after training.
  • They are a rich and easy alternative to increase the total amount of protein for the day and achieve your goals.
  • We can find a multitude of products: the variety of foods with a high protein content is increasing.
  • They provide a great amount of satiety as protein is one of the macronutrients with the highest rate. They can help the fat loss process.
  • They make it easier to maintain healthy habits by allowing you to consume products in line with your goals. They make it easier to stick to your diet.

How to take protein foods?

Each person requires a different amount of protein per day, depending on factors such as: amount of physical activity, body weight, age, etc. It is important to know how much protein your body needs per day to ensure that you meet this figure. Foods high in protein facilitate this process.

A diet high in protein is especially recommended for all sportsmen and women, regardless of their discipline, as it will favour their correct recovery and progressive improvement.

Protein foods can be consumed at any time of the day. Some key moments to take them are:

After training: they promote the recovery of damaged fibres. It is important to provide the necessary amount of protein to repair muscle tissue and promote muscle mass gain.

Before training: in order to provide the necessary nutrients to the muscles.

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