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Here you will find gloves to protect you from any inconvenience that may arise while training, with many models to choose the most appropriate one.

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LIFE PRO SPORTSWEAR GLOVES WITH GRID. Made in white leather and with a mesh fabric back for perfect breathability. Protect your hands with LIFE PRO SPORTSWEAR's mesh gloves. 
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Life Pro Sportswear Gloves will not only give you style in the gym, but will also protect your hands from rubbing, calluses and hardness produced when working with apparatus, machines, dumbbells, barbells, weights, ...
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LIFE PRO SPORTSWEAR GLOVES  GLOVES WITH Wristband with muñequera. Made of white leather and breathable gray elastic fabric. The LIFE PRO SPORTSWEAR gloves will protect your hands during weight and machine sessions at the gym.
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LIFE PRO SPORTSWEAR GLOVES WITH GRID WOMAN. Made in white leather and with the back with pink mesh fabric for a perfect breathability. Protect your hands with the LIFE PRO SPORTSWEAR mesh gloves.

What are gloves?

Gloves are an accessory designed to optimise training by protecting the palms of your hands and preventing possible wrist injuries.

Their purpose is to optimise training: one of the most common consequences of weight training is the appearance of calluses on the hands, which can cause great pain and discomfort. Gloves help prevent these injuries, improve grip and provide comfort for your hands.

Gym gloves are designed in different resistant and quality materials, to withstand the most intense workouts and be durable over time. They also contribute to better hygiene compared to common gym and training equipment. 

They are the ideal complement to optimise your workouts: they prevent your hands from slipping as a result of perspiration, promote perspiration and improve grip strength. 

Gym Gloves

What are gloves for?

Gym gloves are an accessory that protect the palms of the hands and wrists, depending on the type of glove selected, and can be used in different strength sports such as fitness. 

The gloves have the main function of increasing grip strength: they make it easier to hold the weight or bar, preventing it from slipping and worsening our training. They also prevent one of the most common hand injuries, such as calluses, by protecting against their appearance. They prevent possible wrist injuries, especially in people who may have weakened wrists.

In relation to hygiene, they avoid direct contact with the material, which is used by a large number of people every day. 

Which gloves to buy?

There is a wide variety of gym gloves to choose from. We can classify them under different criteria:

Gloves with gel: they make our hands more comfortable and avoid any kind of discomfort when holding the barbell or dumbbell. 

Gloves with wristband: the support they provide is greater. They offer extra security and prevent injuries, avoid aggravating them and provide greater safety. 

Classic gloves: the support they provide starts from the beginning of the wrist to the middle of the palm. This is the more traditional alternative for people who do not wish to support their wrists and whose main objective is to protect the palm of the hand from chafing and injuries. 

How to know the glove size?

Glove size may vary depending on the model selected and the manufacturer. It is recommended to follow the instructions of each manufacturer and the measurements provided to choose the one that best fits our hands and wrists.

In general, they are usually classified in sizes such as: S, M, L or XL. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact Life Pro Nutrition.

Where to buy gloves?

In Nutrimarket we offer you a large number of gloves, from different manufacturers, in different models and with different fasteners, so that you can choose the one according to your preferences. 


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