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Life Pro Tribu is a nutritional supplement that will help you increase your testosterone levels naturally, thus optimising muscle mass gain. 


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Life Pro Healthy ZMA has a series of substances that, combined, are able to increase the production of anabolic hormones. In this way it is possible to improve the muscular performance of the athlete.


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Life Pro Tribulus + ZMA is a supplement that combines 4 ingredients of maximum effectiveness to help muscle mass gain and testosterone production in a natural way.

What are natural anabolics?

Natural anabolics are those sports supplements that have the purpose of boosting and increasing the amount of testosterone, mainly in a natural way, with the aim of favouring the gain of muscle mass (hypertrophy), as well as strength levels.

Anabolism is the process of building new muscle fibres. It occurs when protein synthesis in muscle tissue is stimulated. The MTor pathway is the pathway that regulates protein synthesis as well as energy metabolism. It is important that the conditions within the body are optimal to facilitate these processes.

Natural anabolics promote an increase in testosterone, as well as other hormones related to the process of gaining muscle mass. Testosterone is one of a group of hormones called androgens. It is necessary for the gain of muscle mass and strength, as well as for the maintenance of bone density, reproductive capacity and for reproduction.

There are people who, due to certain factors or conditions, may have sub-optimal levels, or simply want to increase the amount they have to enjoy its many benefits. Stress and anxiety can be two factors that can affect the production of the optimal amount of testosterone.

Natural anabolics are natural supplements that promote the production of these hormones, resulting in improved strength levels, greater muscle mass gain, and better recovery.

These types of supplements are made from extracts of different plants and foods. They can also be combined with vitamins and minerals. They are able to stimulate the production of endogenous hormones in the individual.

What are natural anabolics for?

They help to increase testosterone production in a natural way: this type of supplement has properties and ingredients in its formulation, safe and suitable for consumption, which help to increase the amount of free testosterone in the body. Zinc, a mineral that is usually present in this type of supplement, has the characteristic of being able to transform oestrogens into testosterone.

They promote the production of other hormones, such as growth hormone. This hormone is produced while we sleep and is directly related to muscle mass gain.

Improve libido and sexual function: this is the result of an increase in testosterone, one of the hormones responsible for carrying out this process, and also has the characteristic that it can contribute to improving fertility.

Maximises muscle mass gain: testosterone will promote the creation of new muscle mass in conjunction with intense training and proper nutrition. It supports the creation of an optimal anabolic environment.

Improved athletic performance: it contributes to naturally increased strength levels and therefore to improved progress. They also contribute to better and faster recovery after training sessions.

They promote the stimulation of neurotransmitters such as GABA.

What natural anabolics can we find?

  • Tribulus terrestris:increases endogenous testosterone secretion, is an adaptogen and a natural aphrodisiac. The components that form part of the structure of tribulus are secondary plant substances called saponins, with a structure very similar to testosterone.
  • ZMA:combines zinc and magnesium, together with vitamin B6. It stimulates the production of testosterone and thyroid hormone, as well as increasing muscle strength and endurance.
  • Aspartic acid: a non-essential amino acid directly related to testosterone production.

How to take natural anabolics?

Each supplement has specific instructions depending on its composition. It is recommended to follow them to maximise their effects.

Generally speaking, the time to take natural anabolics can be after training or before going to bed at night, between 30 and 40 minutes beforehand, as they can make you sleepy.

Are there any side effects of natural anabolics?

Natural anabolics do not contain any hormones or hormone-disrupting products in their composition. All supplements categorised as natural anabolics are doping free.

They have no side effects as long as the recommendations are followed and the recommended amounts are not exceeded.

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