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Life Pro Map 300 G.

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Life Pro Map 300 G. is a scientifically studied formula that brings together in a single product all the pure and optimized essential amino acids to achieve a perfect and fast muscle growth and development.

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What is Life Pro MAP?

Life Pro Map 300 G. Master Amino Acid Pattern or Master Amino Acid Pattern is a sports supplement based on a combination of essential amino acids scientifically designed and patented for perfect muscle growth, providing the exact nutrients the body needs to grow.

Three-quarters of the human body is made up of the 20 amino acids that the human body needs to function properly. Some of the amino acids are not essential, so the human body could produce them as long as it has the main raw materials, but all, absolutely all amino acids must be kept at the discretion of the body because the human body has no mechanism to store them and use them when needed-

This is why it is so important for athletes and especially for bodybuilders, bodybuilders, etc ... supplementation with protein, amino acids, BCAA's and therefore with MAP.

LIFE PRO NUTRITION MAP 300 G. contains the 9 essential amino acids that our body can not produce and therefore we need to get them through proper nutrition or supplementation, of which no deficiency can occur especially in elite athletes. Taking a dose of LIFE PRO MAP approximately provides the body with the equivalent of 400 to 500 grams of lean meat.

What Benefits does Life Pro MAP provide?

  • Map contains an ideal ratio of amino acids.
  • Amino acids do not need to be digested. When ingested, they are transported directly to the muscle tissue where they are required.
  • It does not generate heaviness or stomach discomfort.
  • Contains amino acids directly involved in maintaining and building muscle mass favoring an anabolic environment.
  • Contribute to increasing muscle mass and strength.
  • Unlike high protein whole foods or protein supplements, in which the amino acids that are part of their composition have to be digested, metabolized in the liver before being transported. They require more time and a much more complex process before they can be used.
  • Favors maximum nitrogen retention. In addition, it does not generate adverse effects or present any contraindication to its consumption.
  • Leucine leucine acts by activating a pathway called mTOR which can generate protein synthesis in the muscles. It is absorbed more easily and quickly than most other amino acids.
  • Map contains a proportion of BCAA‘s: these amino acids are essential elements for the maintenance of muscle mass as well as to accelerate recovery after physical activity.
  • Help to maintain the deposits of glucose as they can be used as fuel and therefore prevents fatigue or postpones it.
  • They contribute to reducing fatigue both during and after training and promote optimal recovery after intense workouts. They can reduce muscle damage.
  • Reduce muscle damage.
  • Reduce muscle soreness.
  • They promote muscle building and contribute to the production of glutamine. They stimulate the synthesis of proteins and prevent catabolism or loss of muscle mass.
  • They can help to promote fat loss and minimize recovery times, fatigue and muscle soreness.
  • Improve and accelerate physical recovery, increase your performance, and promote proper muscle development.

How to use it:

Take 5 capsules, preferably on an empty stomach or half an hour before a meal.

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Frequently questions

Buenas tardes, Mi nutricionista me ha dicho que me tome vuestros aminoácidos por la mañana, en ayunas, antes de ir a entrenar. Lo veis correcto? O no sirve de nada tomarlos así y es mejor después de entrenar? Gracias

  2023-01-09 18:55:55 - MARIA

¡Hola María! 

Es recomendable tomarlos antes de ir a entrenar efectivamente, puesto que al ser aminoácidos aislados, no requieren de digestión previa y van directamente al torrente sanguíneo y por consiguiente, a los músculos.

Esto ayuda a que durante el entrenamiento se retrase la fatiga muscular y se mantenga el músculo nutrido por decirlo así. Lo más general es tomarlos antes de entrenar, aunque también funcionan bastante bien si se toman durante el entrenamiento. 

Saludos :) 

Buenos días, Si tomo de una dosis de unos 6-8 grs antes de entrenar y otra igual después de entrenar, como lo contabilizo en mi cuantificación diaria de gramos de proteína?. Muchas gracias, un saludo.

  2022-02-22 10:51:58 - RAMON MANUEL QUINTANA

Hola , estos son  los macronutrientes que aporta por porcion (7,5gr) Cantidad por porción

Calorías 26,4 Kcal
% valor diario(*)
Proteínas 5,9gr
Proteínas 79,3%
Hidratos de Carbono 1,07gr
Azúcares 0,6gr
Grasas Totales 0gr
de las cuales saturadas 0gr
Fibra alimentaria 0gr

Hola Se toma todos los días o sólo cuando entreno? Gracias y un saludo Igor

  2021-10-24 19:44:04 - Igor

Hola , no habría  problema en hacer una toma fuera de los entrenos , tanto con alimentos como sin ellos :)

Origen de los aminoacidos maps?,no pone ni ajinomoto ni kyowa,materias primas bastante caras.. Son por fermentación vegetal? Y si es asi y no usan esas materias primas....que proceso teneis ?

  2021-07-06 21:05:02 - Alejandro

Buenos días,
Le confirmamos que si son veganos ya que todos los aminoácidos tienen
fermentación vegetal. En este caso solo el aminoácido glutamina es

Un saludo.


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