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This product to maximize weight loss from fat is formulated based on scientific knowledge in order to optimize results. Its three components will synergize to help you lose fat. These components are caffeine anhydrous, green tea extract (contains EGCG) and p-synephrine.
Life Pro New Venom Full Strength Pre-Workout 300g. is one of the most powerful pre-workouts on the market. With a combination of the most effective compounds, this supplement prepares your body to deliver its maximum performance in terms of strength, focus and recovery.


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Life Pro Wild Pump is a pre-workout with caffeine that promotes improved performance and energy levels during workouts.


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It is the professional pre-workout par excellence with a formula designed milligram by milligram for serious athletes looking to work hard and effectively without taking the pre-workout home with them and preventing proper rest.
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Life Pro Coffee Booster is made up of caffeine anhydride, and is designed to be consumed before the start of any physical activity in order to increase strength and endurance and avoid muscle fatigue. An additional benefit would be to promote lipolysis and, in turn, enhance weight loss and body fat burning.

What is a caffeinated pre-workout?

A caffeinated pre-workout is a supplement that provides high levels of energy and optimises the performance of each workout.

It is designed to be taken before training and contains one or more stimulant compounds, such as caffeine or guarana. This type of pre-workout is recommended for people who want to increase their energy level, get the most out of their training, increase mental focus and delay fatigue and tiredness.

Pre-workouts with caffeine help to optimise training and competition. They are often combined with other ingredients to maximise their effect and increase their effectiveness. Life Pro pre-workouts have been rigorously designed to the highest quality standards to provide the most effective and innovative combinations.

What are the components of a caffeinated pre-workout?

The main component of caffeinated pre-workouts is caffeine. Caffeine is one of the most widely used supplements in the world of fitness and sport. It acts on the central nervous system, increasing energy levels and vitality, resulting in an enhanced workout.

Caffeine begins to act depending on the type, as we can find prolonged release or faster acting (caffeine anhydrous) as well as the dose in which it has been consumed, a period of time of between 15 and 60 minutes.

Other components are amino acids, which can help muscle congestion, are involved in energy production, such as taurine, and serve as fuel for muscle tissue.

What is a caffeinated pre-workout for?

Pre-workouts with caffeine are specifically intended to increase energy levels in order to improve and optimise the performance of intense physical activity or training. Caffeine, which is its main component, helps to improve mental focus, avoid the sensation of fatigue and also improves muscle strength and power.

In the situation of people who are in a calorie deficit, caffeine can promote fat loss due to its thermogenic effect. However, caffeinated pre-workouts are often combined with other ingredients such as amino acids, which can promote energy production, improve pump and prevent muscle loss.

How to take a caffeinated pre-workout?

The recommended time to take a caffeinated pre-workout dose is between 15 and 30 minutes before training. If in doubt, follow the instructions of the selected pre-workout.

To determine the amount, it is important to know the individual's sensitivity to caffeine. It is preferable to start with lower amounts and gradually increase them, without exceeding the instructions given. Each person's dose may vary.

It is recommended to avoid consumption 4 to 6 hours before sleep. Taking a pre-workout with caffeine or other stimulant substances close to sleep can interfere with the quality of sleep and rest and lead to insomnia.

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