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L-glutamine provides several functions that are crucial for health and even more so when doing any sport.

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What is Life Pro Glutamine 500G?

Among these main functions, we can highlight that L-glutamine helps to control muscle fatigue by reducing the amount of acids in the muscles, for example lactic acid, which is involved in stiffness.

This amino acid is of great importance as it is also responsible for protein synthesis; another of the functions of L-glutamine is to prevent the degradation of muscle mass.

L-glutamine is one of the non-essential amino acids. It is one of the amino acids (20 amino acids) which, together with the others, make up proteins and can be synthesised in the body from other amino acids such as valine, isoleucine or glutamic acid. However, L-Glutamine is considered a "conditioned essential amino acid" or semi-essential because in certain conditions such as physical or psychological stress, trauma, infection, intense training, etc., the amount needed for its consumption is greater than our capacity for synthesis: the body requires so much glutamine that it is not able to produce it in sufficient quantity.

Life Pro Glutamine 500 G. is the perfect supplement for all sportsmen and women looking to take care of their muscles, as it will provide them with adequate muscle recovery and development.

Thanks to its formula, it prevents the catabolism that occurs after a demanding physical effort or overtraining, which leads to the breakdown of damaged muscles and cells.

Life Pro Glutamine 500 G delays the onset of fatigue while helping to increase your performance and energy. It is ideal for athletes to increase endurance, improve strength and promote muscle development.

What is Glutamine?

Glutamine is one of the 20 amino acids that are essential for our body to perform various functions.

Glutamine is produced naturally in the body, although between 4% and 8% of the protein in certain foods corresponds to this amino acid. Glutamine is of the highest quality and has been obtained using a patented formula.

Although it is an amino acid that can be produced by the body, increasing its quantity through quality external supplementation will bring multiple benefits. It is present in numerous vital functions related to the gain and maintenance of muscle mass, and influences recovery after physical activity.

It is the amino acid with the greatest presence within the different muscle groups, and in general, it makes up approximately 60% of the musculoskeletal tissue, which means that it has a very large number of functions assigned to it.

This amino acid can also be found in the spinal cord, blood plasma, heart, lungs, kidney, cerebrospinal fluid and liver.

It has the ability to be converted into glucose when needed: it is transformed into energy when our muscles require it. It is therefore important to ensure adequate levels to support recovery and endurance sports.

What are the benefits of Life Pro Glutamine 500 G?

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body that can be used as energy.

It improves intestinal health by promoting the absorption of nutrients and helping the anabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, which has an impact on the increase of muscle mass.

Energy production: it helps to maintain glycogen stores, which can be used as fuel, thus preventing fatigue or postponement.

Boosts the immune system by providing protection against infection and disease.

Increases recovery and contributes to increased energy production.

Fat loss: Can help boost fat loss and minimise recovery times, fatigue and muscle soreness.

Acts as a neurotransmitter to help the brain function properly.

Glutamine does not need to be digested. When ingested, it is transported directly to the muscle tissue where it is required.

Versatility in ingestion: it is a versatile and convenient supplement to be taken both before and during the training session, as it does not cause heaviness or stomach discomfort.

Helps improve intestinal health by facilitating the absorption of nutrients and promoting the anabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, which is reflected in increased muscle mass.

Stimulates protein synthesis and prevents catabolism or loss of muscle mass.

The Properties of Glutamine

Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids in muscle tissue.

It is a precursor of protein synthesis: thanks to the composition of this amino acid, one of its main functions is to transport nitrogen to the organs and tissues to carry out the functions related to the different metabolic processes.

It helps to prevent catabolism or loss of muscle mass. It is also involved in improving recovery after injury.

Glutamine transports ammonia (a substance toxic to the body) from the muscle to the liver, where it is subsequently eliminated. It also regulates acid-base balance.

If glycogen stores are empty and energy is needed, glutamine is transformed for use: it acts and is used as an energy substrate in order to carry out ATP resynthesis.

In high-intensity training, it can help to increase performance, and thus reduce fatigue as a consequence.

It plays an important role in carrying out glutathione synthesis.

Glutathione is a protein whose most important function is to protect the body's own cells, tissues and organs. It is the most important antioxidant in the human body, which is why it is called a universal antioxidant.

Glutamine is also one of the precursor substances of glutathione. Because of this, it optimises the proper functioning of the immune system.

In addition, it plays a crucial role in numerous brain functions: Glutamic acid functions as a neurotransmitter in the brain.

Neurons use it as a transmitter substance, optimising mental activity and brain function.

Does Glutamine break the Fast?

Yes, all glutamine-based supplements break the fasting state.

Despite their format, which is achieved by mixing the powder with water, they do provide some calories. This is because they are part of protein, a macronutrient that generally contains 4kcal per gram.

In order to be used by the body, it is necessary to have that insulin spike that breaks the fast.

Can Glutamine deficiency occur in the body?

Yes, a glutamine deficiency can occur in the body. The most noticeable symptoms are usually the appearance of fatigue and tiredness, loss of muscle mass and various gastrointestinal problems.

When to take Life Pro Glutamine 500G?

Glutamine can be taken as a single daily dose or in several doses spread throughout the day.

One of the most recommended ways to divide your daily amount is to take it once before and once after training to improve muscle recovery.

Who is Life Pro Glutamine 500G recommended for?

Glutamine 500G is recommended for:

  • Athletes looking to improve performance and reduce fatigue.
  • People aiming to reduce body fat percentage.
  • People suffering an injury or wound, and require its properties to help speed recovery.
  • People with digestion problems

Instructions for use

It is recommended to take 3 to 6 grams before the training session, and then another dose before going to bed for further recovery.

Each case provides a total of 10 grams of product.

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Tengo dudas de cómo tomar la glutamina por q en el bote dice después del entreno, acá dice antes y después....y en otra parte dice antes y antes de se cuál de las 3 formas hacer muchas gracias Saludos

  2021-08-11 10:49:48 - Mariel

Hola ! Hay varias maneras de tomarla , si quiere lo mas habitual. seria hacer una toma después del entreno y otra antes de dormir :)

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