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It is important to maintain good levels of testosterone, as it helps in the creation of muscle mass and improves recovery. Get sports supplements at the best price on our website.

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Life Pro Tribulus + ZMA is a supplement that combines 4 ingredients of maximum effectiveness to help muscle mass gain and testosterone production in a natural way.
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Life Pro Tribu is a nutritional supplement that will help you increase your testosterone levels naturally, thus optimising muscle mass gain. 

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that predominates in men. Testosterone is also produced in women, but in a more reduced form. Testosterone belongs to the group of hormones called androgens. 

The levels of testosterone naturally occurring in the body are regulated by the pituitary gland in the brain. It is responsible for controlling its production in the testicles and ovaries. 

In the field of sport, this hormone is of particular importance. It is important to maintain certain levels, to promote muscle mass gain, strength and improve the recovery process among many others, so having high levels of testosterone will be of great importance.

The amount of testosterone in the body varies during the day: in the morning the peak is usually higher than in the afternoon and evening. In addition, this amount can be influenced by habits, lifestyle and food consumed. Numerous factors are involved in its production. 

What is testosterone used for?

Testosterone production is important because this hormone is necessary for a large number of functions:

  • In sports, it helps to increase strength and muscle mass gain.
  • It helps to reduce fat levels. A low level of testosterone is related to a greater amount of body fat. 
  • It helps to reduce levels of bad cholesterol or LDL.
  • Testosterone is involved in maintaining healthy bone density.
  • In reproduction, the production of libido and sexual desire.
  • It boosts the production of red blood cells.

How to increase testosterone? 


Natural anabolics: in this group are those supplements that promote the increase of testosterone in a natural way. The most commonly used are those that contain combinations of plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, etc. Examples include zma, tribulus terrestris, etc. 

Zinc: this mineral has the ability to convert oestrogen into testosterone. Low zinc levels often result in lower testosterone levels. 

Vitamins: Vitamins A, B and E are directly related to testosterone production.

Testosterone gel: a gel that is applied to the skin to increase the total amount of testosterone. 


Getting the right amount of rest each day: according to several studies, testosterone levels can be reduced by up to 40% when sleep is scarce. 

Reduce your body fat percentage: the higher the amount of fat, the higher the production of oestrogen: lowering this percentage can help increase the amount of testosterone. 

Strength training: train with weights.

What foods increase testosterone? 

Cruciferous vegetables: they have a component called DIM which reduces the amount of oestrogen and converts it into testosterone. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage.

Foods high in Zinc: lean meats, salmon, eggs, oysters, etc. 

Healthy fats: natural saturated fats necessary for testosterone production. These include olive oil, oily fish, avocado, seeds, nuts. 

How to take testosterone?

Depending on the type of supplement, it is recommended to follow the individual instructions provided. The usual time to take testosterone is in the morning or before training.

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