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Pro Casein is a slow-release protein supplement that has been made only with high quality micellar casein that prevents catabolism or loss of muscle mass. 


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Life Pro Casein is a sports supplement that provides slow release protein or casein, contributing to the maintenance of muscle mass in long periods in which the intake of protein will be null, such as fasting, when we sleep.
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Life Pro Casein 900g. Caseína of maximum purity perfect for its high biological value for muscle growth and maintenance.

What is casein?

Casein is a type of protein that is slow to be absorbed and releases amino acids gradually over time.

It comes from milk: 80% of milk protein belongs to casein and the remaining 20% to whey. As a source of animal origin, it contains the 9 essential amino acids (those that the body cannot synthesise on its own and must be ingested through diet and supplementation).

Casein can be found in two forms:

Micellar casein: this is the most commonly used form. It is obtained through a filtering process, without resorting to chemical substances to obtain it. Its composition is 85-92% protein and its fat levels are particularly low. It is the undenatured form of casein.

Sodium caseinate: casein isolate with the characteristic that, during the production process, the micelles are broken down and combined with a source of calcium. It is very low in lactose (less than 1%).

Casein is recommended for all those who want to provide protein so that it is released slowly and absorbed progressively.

It is compatible with all those who aim to maintain, recover or gain muscle mass.

It is also ideal for people who are fasting, want to increase their satiety levels and ensure the supply of amino acids to their muscle tissue.

How does casein work?

What characterises this type of protein is its slow digestion and absorption in the body. It provides amino acids in a sustained manner over time, and also provides high levels of satiety.

When we take casein, it forms micelles in the stomach that coagulate in the stomach, slowing down the absorption process. Its absorption rate in the body is in the range of 5-7 grams per hour, compared to whey protein's 8-10 grams.

The release and absorption of amino acids from casein can be prolonged for a period of 3-7 hours.

LifePro casein has been enriched with a digestive enzyme complex to improve digestion and promote absorption of all the nutrients, and to avoid stomach upset.

What is casein for?

Casein protein has the function of preventing the loss or catabolism of muscle mass during periods of fasting or when we go for long periods of time without eating. It favours the maintenance of muscle mass.

This occurs as a result of its sustained release of amino acids over time.

It favours the creation of an anabolic environment suitable for muscle mass gain and protein synthesis.

This type of protein is characterised by high levels of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc and iron.

It also has high levels of glutamine: an amino acid that favours the recovery of damaged muscle fibres after training.

Its high satiety index: as it remains longer in the stomach than other protein sources due to the micelles it contains, the time in which we will feel satiated will be much longer.

During all the hours of sleep, we will be providing our muscles with the protein they need, preventing our body from entering a catabolic phase.

When to take casein protein?

Casein is recommended to be taken during periods when nutrient intake, especially protein, is going to be nil:

During periods of fasting or prolonged periods of time:

Casein will help to avoid catabolism, as it will provide the amino acids needed at all times. It can be an ally for those people who do intermittent fasting.

Before going to sleep:

It will promote muscle mass gain and optimal recovery after workouts. It allows us to stay satiated during this period of time while nourishing our muscles.

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