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Life Pro Hybrid Melatonin 90 Vegancaps

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Melatonin is an essential molecule for life as we conceive it. In this sense, naturally, melatonin appears in most mammals being the one that controls much of the vital processes that surround them. 



This product is composed of melatonin with two types of release, a fast release and a sustained release, an avant-garde formula with respect to the current ones on the market that guarantees your rest.

For what is it?

Among the functions that melatonin performs, we find some as important as the proper functioning of circadian rhythms, the regulation of sleep-wake cycles, energy and glycemic control and a marked oxidative stress reducing effect.

In this way, an organism largely rests at night thanks to the fact that darkness generates melatonin production and sunlight clears it, so that we have marked hours of rest and repair and hours of activity marked by exposure to the sun.

Therefore, melatonin is a strong ally in the fight against insomnia and problems arising from poor quality and quantity of sleep, so supplementation with melatonin will help to achieve a deep and sustained sleep.

However, with respect to melatonin supplements, many of the currently produced formulas have an incorrect release, being too fast, generating a peak in the blood in the middle of the night, which finally causes us to wake up early, which means that we do not rest.

On the other hand, too high concentrations or the use of some sustained-release melatonin formulas can cause daytime drowsiness and a feeling of hangover because their elimination from the blood is too sustained, being present in the blood during the day, when we should be awake and exposed to light.

In this way, this formulation of fast and sustained release (rapid and sustained release) will be able to help us achieve a restful sleep; able to help us achieve an effective rest without negative effects, because it combines the best of both types of melatonin, unlike other supplements currently marketed that far from improving rest, can actually worsen it.

Melatonin is a very safe supplement with ample scientific evidence behind it, which is growing day by day, to the point of being one of the most studied supplements on the market and a great help in improving the quality of life and health of the population.

In this way, the consumption of Hybrid Melatonin will ensure an efficient rest without imbalances or side effects, improving your health and sleep.


  • Sustained rest throughout the night.
  • Improved sleep latency (we get to sleep earlier).
  • Better quality and deeper sleep.
  • Increased hours of sleep.
  • Antioxidant effect.
  • Regulation of circadian rhythms.
  • Neuroprotective effect.
  • Possible improvement of stress and protector against weight gain and metabolic syndrome.


  • If you are receiving any type of medication such as anticoagulant or antiepileptic drugs, consult your doctor before use.
  • In case of suffering from a diagnosed pathology, consult your doctor before use.
  • The elderly may suffer a slower metabolization of this product.
  • People with insulin resistance will be advised to separate their consumption for a few hours of dinner.

What dose to consume?

Consume 1.8 mg of melatonin (1 pill) 40 minutes before bedtime a couple of hours after dinner.

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Frequently questions

Buenos días, para las personas que trabajamos de noche y no conseguimos dormir mas de 5-6 horas, que melatonina sería la mas recomendada?. Tendría algún tipo de síntoma secundario, por ejemplo, no tomarla los días de descanso y depender de ella para dormir?. Gracias y un saludo.

  2023-04-28 09:43:24 - Rafa

Buenos días Rafa,

Te recomendaría la Hybrid porque combina melatonina de liberación prolongada y melatonina de liberación rápida para acelerar el tiempo hasta conciliar el sueño y mejorar la calidad del mismo durante el resto de la noche.

No genera tolerancia en el organismo, especialmente si el consumo no se realiza todos los días durante un periodo largo de tiempo, por lo que no produce dependencia. Es poco probable que presente efectos secundarios, pero en dosis excesivas puede producir mareo y dolor de cabeza leve.

Espero haberte ayudado,

Un saludo!

Chicos buenas, una pregunta, en este caso para descansar que seria mejor, la melatonina o la ashwaghanda

  2023-03-28 13:48:08 - Guillermo

¡Hola Guillermo!

Ambos son suplementos interesantes, la elección de uno u otro depende de tus circunstancias, la Ashwagandha interviene mejorando el descanso paulatinamente además reduce niveles de cortisol y por ende del estrés, y ayuda al rendimiento cognitivo.

Si lo que buscas es descansar mejor en días puntuales de mucho cansancio, te recomiendo la melatonina, que tiene un efecto más inmediato el día en  que la tomas y la Ashwagandha de forma prolongada con el paso de los días. No habría problema en combinarlas si te apetece probar ambas,

Espero haberte ayudado, 

¡saludos! :) 

He visto que tenéis dos tipos diferentes de melatonina. Cual seria la indicada para las personas que nos cuesta conciliar el sueño y/o nos desvelamos?

  2022-07-08 22:39:35 - Javier

Buenas Javier, la diferencia entre ambas es que la melatonina Prolonged Release asegura una liberación un poco más lenta que la híbrida. Esto influye en que se disminuye el tiempo de conciliación del sueño y se libera a lo largo de las horas de sueño garantizando un descanso óptimo. Por lo que me comentas, la Prolonged Release sería muy buena opción. 

Saludos :) 

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