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Life Pro Synephrine 30mg 90 Vegancaps Citrus Aurantium Extract

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This product contains p-synephrine. P-synephrine can be found naturally in the peel of the bitter orange, as well as in many other plants of the citrus family. &It is a protoalkaloid commonly used in products intended to increase fat oxidation and athletic performance.


Despite having been shown to be useful for that increased fat oxidation in various scientific studies, the results on sports performance remain inconclusive to date, so more scientific research is lacking in this regard and it may be that in certain modalities it may help while in others it may not.

Similarly, different scientists suggest that, in different endurance physical tasks, this product could be an ergogenic aid for a possible increase in performance associated with hepatic and muscular glucose savings due to the increased use of fats as an energy substrate to carry out the activity.

P-Synephrine, despite being a molecule with chemical composition and mechanisms similar to ephedrine, unlike ephedrine, is a legal and effective product with the purpose of being an aid in fat loss.

In addition, its proper use has been shown to be safe in various scientific studies. The main difference of p-synephrine when compared to ephedrine is the presence of a hydroxyl group on the aromatic ring that limits the ability of p-synephrine to cross the blood-brain barrier. This barrier is a complex structure that limits the passage of a multitude of substances from the blood to the brain, where the brain is located, serving as a protective system for the brain.

P-synephrine, unlike other substances such as ephedrine, has little ability to stimulate the α1, α2, β1 and β2 adrenérgic receptors involved in the regulation of cardiovascular functioning, thus producing less adrenérgic activity. However, the mechanism of action of p-synephrine in terms of aiding fat loss is attributed to the lipolytic effect associated with its ability to activate the β3 adrenergic receptors, which is associated with an effect on thermogenesis.

The effects of p-synephrine, rather than starring for its actions at the central nervous system level, its effects are primarily local/peripheral with implications at the fatty tissue level of the human body.

In summary, although proper nutrition and physical exercise should be the basis of any stage of fat loss, this product has proven to be useful for extra fat loss support with effects such as increased fat oxidation and metabolism


  • Help in weight loss.
  • Helps in fat loss.
  • Metabolism acceleration and appetite reduction.
  • Possible improvements in performance.


  • Excessive consumption may cause discomfort, increases in blood pressure and tachycardia.
  • If you suffer from any pathology and / or are taking medication, consult your doctor before taking this product.

What dosage to consume? How to take this product?

The daily dose is 2-3 capsules (60-90 mg) spread throughout the day. In case of physical exercise, that day you should take one of the capsules 40-60 minutes before the activity.

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1 Reviews

buen producto
de los mejores que he probado, buen precio, cantidad y parece que tambien es muy efectivo. Aconsejable.

Frequently questions

Buenas tardes, estoy interesado en comprar el pack de quemador mas Sinefrina, y la pregunta es si este último funciona como un estimulante (por ejemplo cafeína), que me vaya a impedir descansar adecuadamente. Gracias

  2023-01-28 19:16:27 - ABEL

Buenos días Abel, 

La sinefrina no actúa directamente como estimulante, es por ello que suele combinarse con otros suplementos que sí lo son. Su función principal es la de aumentar la actividad metabólica y el consumo de calorías, así como la estimulación al uso de grasas. Aún así, lo recomendable es que lo tome en horas previas al entrenamiento, y evitarlo en horas cercanas al descanso, ya que depende de la sensibilidad que tenga. 

Saludos :)

Es apto para celíacos?

  2022-05-24 11:37:37 - Agustín

¡Buenas Agustín!

Este producto no contiene gluten entre sus ingredientes, sí ha sido fabricado en una instalación donde se procesan otros productos que si lo contienen, por lo que en principio si es celiaco no habría problema, dependerá de su grado de tolerancia. Esto se aplica a los tres productos sobre los que has consultado la misma cuestión. 

Saludos :) 

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