Life Pro Creatine Creapure® Neutra 500g
Life Pro Creatine Creapure® Neutra 500g
Life Pro Creatine Creapure® Neutra 500g
  • 30.51 € CON CUPÓN
Life Pro Creatine Creapure® Neutra 500g
Life Pro Creatine Creapure® Neutra 500g
Life Pro Creatine Creapure® Neutra 500g

Life Pro Creatine Creapure® Neutra 500g

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Life Pro Creatine 500g is a dietary supplement based on creatine monohydrate CREAPURE, used to promote strength, muscle power and delay fatigue in any sport.

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Life Pro Creatine 500g is a dietary supplement based on creatine monohydrate CREAPURE, used to promote strength, muscle power and delay fatigue in any sport. 

Among the supplements in the sports field, it is one of the most famous for its use in building lean muscle mass and increasing strength. Its scientific backing and the great scientific evidence it has to this day, make creatine one of the most effective and essential supplements for any athlete.

Creatine is the most effective and essential supplement for any athlete.

Life Pro Creatine CREAPURE counts not only with being creatine monohydrate but also is Creapure, which is a patented brand of creatine monohydrate that guarantees its high quality and safety of the product. 

When we increase the levels of free creatine, it facilitates the replenishment of phosphocreatine and in turn regenerating ATP. As a result, it provides extra energy at the time of training and helps to postpone the feeling of fatigue. 

Life Pro Creatine Creapure increases endurance and strength by up to 15% in sports such as weightlifting or others requiring high explosiveness. The improvement is up to 30% in increased power and energy release in short sprints and up to 15% in repeated sprint training.


  • It has the Creapure seal. Creapure ensures and certifies that this creatine is of quality and meets the rigorous standards established.
  • It has the GMO seal that certifies that Life Pro's Creapure creatine has been manufactured under good manufacturing standards.
  • It is one of the supplements with the most scientific evidence and support. Its effectiveness is proven and the improvement in performance is remarkable.
  • It is a supplement suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Performance Enhancement: Creatine contributes to achieve an increase in muscle strength and power quickly. 
  • Benefits the muscle and nerve cells making it have a greater capacity for energy synthesis.
  • Provides a higher degree of cellular hydration, making the muscle mass look more swollen and voluminous.
  • Contributes to lower blood sugar levels: it increases glucose metabolism.
  • The consumption of creatine improves athletic performance in different disciplines of strength and power, fitness and bodybuilding.
  • It improves muscle contraction-relaxation as it facilitates the release of calcium ions.
  • It helps to prevent the loss of muscle mass (catabolism) as well as weakness.
  • Favors the gain of muscle mass as it facilitates the increase of anabolic pathways.
  • Contributes along with a good diet to reduce cholesterol levels LDL (low density lipoprotein) and triglycerides
  • Improves cognitive ability since a small part of creatine, between 5% and 10%, is stored in the brain


The dosage of creatine Creapure that each person should take is different. This amount may vary depending on body weight.

The dose is 0.1g per kilogram

The creatine Creapure, like the other types of creatine, acts by saturation. We must take this supplement on a continuous basis, training days and rest days to notice its effects.

Creapure, like other types of creatine, acts by saturation.

A good time to take it could be after workouts, since it is the point at which the muscle cells will have exhausted their reserves. Despite this, it can be taken at any time of the day since, as it acts by saturation, the time of intake is not of great relevance.

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Muy efectiva, se nota la calidad creapure.

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Buenas tardes, Cuando volveréis a tener el producto? Gracias.

  2022-06-13 21:27:04 - Adrián

Buenos días Adrián, en principio no hay fecha estimada, tiene la opción de que le avisen por correo, introduciendo el mismo en la página del producto. Muchas gracias, buen día 

Después de leer y comparar los tres tipos de creativna no me queda claro si es mejor la creativa Kre-alkalyn que la creapture . ¿Me podían recomendar una de las dos ? Gracias ¡

  2022-01-13 15:15:14 - TGL

Hola buenos días, la principal diferencia entre ambas es que la Kre-alkalyn tiene un proceso de aumento del ph, lo que da lugar que durante el paso de la creatina por el estómago haya menos pérdida de la misma, de este modo la cantidad de creatina disponible para los músculos es mayor. Muchas gracias, buen día :)

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