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Life Pro Vegan Protein 25g Organic Protein

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Life Pro Vegan Protein is the new organic vegan protein that combines protein from two different sources pea and rice of organic origin this protein is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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It is a proteinsupplement that aims to improve muscle performance of the athlete, facilitating the growth of lean mass and optimizing the recovery periods. 

Life Pro has created this supplement to demonstrate that veganism and the fight against the climate crisis are perfectly compatible with sports supplementation. 

Both movements are reflected in the composition of Life Pro Vegan Protein Organic Protein: on the one hand, all its ingredients come from vegetables and, on the other hand, both the pea protein and rice protein are classified as “organic”.

What are the benefits?

  • It provides an amount of 71, 76 or 77% of protein depending on the chosen flavor.
  • Protein is the macronutrient in charge of increasing muscle mass, repairing damaged tissues during training.
  • In its combination we will obtain protein from two organic sources: rice and pea. High biological value.
  • Improves muscle performance.
  • It respects the environment. This protein encourages ethical and responsible consumption.
  • It does not contain lactose or sugars.
  • It does not contain soy.
  • It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

When to take Vegan Protein?

  • Before training: to ensure a correct supply of amino acids.
  • After training: to provide the necessary supply to our muscle mass so that it can develop and repair itself.
  • Throughout the day: you can consume this supplement at any time of the day you need an extra supply of protein.

How to prepare Vegan Protein?

Introduce a scoop of 25 grams of protein in a shaker, blender or mixer along with water, milk or vegetable drink of your choice (between 150 and 300 ml) depending on the desired texture.

You can add it to your favorite recipes and prepare pancakes, crepes, sponge cake etc. with a higher amount of protein.

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Frequently questions

Que sabor es el que lleva menos % de sucralosa? Cuando vais a reponer sabor cookies? Mil gracias

  2023-02-26 22:35:24 - Maria

Hola Maria!

Los cuatro sabores de Vegan Protein son bastante bajos en sucralosa, contienen menos de un 1% por cada 25g. cualquiera de ellos es una buena opción, el que más contiene, es el de chocolate-cinnamon, aún asi la cantidad que contiene es de 0,1g.


saludos :) 

quisiera pedir online - no funcionar - Puede ayudarme - por favour Gracias ! Klaudia

  2022-02-10 12:48:40 - Klaudia

Hola , El pedido mínimo es de 20 € para Tenerife

Saludos :)

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