Life Pro Endurance Gumbar 32g

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Carbohydrate bar made with natural fruit pulp that provides quickly assimilated carbohydrates.  Available in different flavours and combinations. Gluten free. Suitable for vegans.

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What is Life Pro Endurance Gumbar?

Life Pro Endurance Gumbar is a bar with a gummy texture, which provides carbohydrates of rapid assimilation, in a convenient and simple way. Life Pro Endurance Gumbar is made with fruit pulp. It is a gummy bar suitable for vegans and gluten-free.

Life Pro Endurance Gumbar provides more than 25 grams of carbohydrates per bar. In addition, you can find different flavours and combinations. Life Pro Endurance Gumbar is part of the Endurance line, created to meet the most demanding needs of endurance sports.

What are the properties of Life Pro Endurance Gumbar?

Gummy texture:

Life Pro Endurance Gumbar is made using natural fruit pulp as the main ingredient. As a result, we have achieved a bar with a gelatinous texture, similar to that of jelly beans.

Fast assimilation carbohydrate:

Life Pro Endurance Gumbar provides 25.8 grams of carbohydrates per bar. They are characterised by being rapidly digested and assimilated by the body. As a result, they provide a fast and effective source of energy to maintain athletic performance.

The supply of carbohydrates during training and competitions is a key factor in preventing and postponing fatigue and maintaining sports performance.

100% vegan composition:

Life Pro Endurance Gumbar has been made with 100% vegan ingredients. In addition, they are gluten-free.

How to take Life Pro Endurance Gumbar?

Consume 1 bar during training. Adapt the dose to your daily energy and nutritional needs.

The consumption of 30 to 90 g of carbohydrates during exercise has been shown to have an ergogenic effect in medium and long duration sports</p

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1 Reviews

Life Pro Endurance Gumbar - Sabor Mango
Me llamaron la atencion sus propiedades energéticas, la compre y las probe, simplemente son deliciosas y cumplen lo que dicen. Repetire con otro sabor, quiero probarlas todas.

Frequently questions

Hola! Hoy me llega el pedido ;) y tengo un poco de duda sobre el uso del gel y la barrita? Son intercambiables o se trata de complementar uno con el otro? Por poner un ejemplo si hago una salida en mtb de 5 horas… que sería más conveniente tomar primero gel o barrita (supongo que aunque los dos de CH uno será más rápido que otro o ..) Gracias

  2023-04-14 09:20:28 - Sergi

Hola Sergi! Para conseguir la mayor eficiencia posible, es mejor tomarse la barrita primero, ya que, podrás llegar a un pico glucémico para tener mejor rendimiento. Posteriormente, lo más recomendable es tomarse el gel, ya que, al haber sudado vas a tener pérdidas de sodio y al tomarte el gel, generaremos un recuperación de esas pérdidas, además, se mantendrá el pico glucémico. Muchas gracias y espero que le haya servido de ayuda! :)

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