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Life Pro Thermo 10 90 Caps

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Life Pro Thermo 10 is a nutritional supplement based on stimulant substances responsible for raising body temperature and enhancing fat burning and weight loss.

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What is Life Pro Thermo?

Life Pro Thermo 10 is a thermogenic type supplement that acts as a fat burner. It has been designed for all kinds of people looking to lose weight effectively.

It is composed of stimulants responsible for raising body temperature and thus facilitating the burning of fat and weight reduction.

This thermogenic supplement has been designed to increase body temperature in order to produce metabolic reactions and achieve the fat burning and reduction of adipose tissue that is sometimes so difficult to achieve.

This increase in temperature is caused by certain stimulants that provoke this body reaction. This process causes the body to use the accumulated fat deposits as the main source of energy.

It provides 350 mg of caffeine.

Composition of Life Pro Thermo

Camellia sinensis 50 % epigallocatechin 

Based on green tea. Helps reduce fluid retention, has antioxidant properties and helps to increase metabolism by promoting the use of fats as fuel.

Caffeine anhydrous

It helps to enhance strength and endurance under the state of muscle fatigue. Another benefit would be to incite lipolysis and in turn simplify weight loss and body fat loss. It also helps to delay fatigue.

N-acetyl tyrosine

It is one of the 20 amino acids that are part of the production of melatonin, hormones and catecholamines. It helps to control the metabolism.

Paullinia Guaraná

It is another source of coffee that provides energy and reduces the feeling of tiredness. It boosts metabolism.

Citrus aurantium 50 % bioflavonoids fruit e.s.

Natural substance from orange, designed to control and reduce the appetite.

Dry extract of Coleus forskohlii

It contains an active ingredient called forskolin. It increases the metabolization of fats and activates the hormone lipase, an enzyme that helps the degradation of fats and allows them to be used as energy.

Dry extract of cayenne (capsicum)

Cayenne extract comes from, as its name suggests, cayenne. The main property is that it decreases the amount of insulin needed to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood. In addition, it has a high iron content, and vitamins A, E and C. 


A compound from vegetables such as brócoli, cítricos, etc. that has numerous antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. It may also be involved in the prevention of neurological diseases and infections.


It is an amino acid that stands out for its ability to transform into tyrosine. It helps to balance the secretion of cholecystokinin, a hormone involved in the control of satiety, and helps to reduce appetite.

E.S bioperine black pepper

It has a high amount of phytosterols of vegetable origin. It increases intestinalmotility, reduces cholesterol and optimizes blood circulation.

What are the benefits of Life Pro Thermo?

  • Aids weight reduction
  • Helps to reduce weight
  • Potentiates weight loss
  • Potentiates fat burning
  • Decreases tiredness and fatigue thanks to the caffeine
  • Facilitates the obtaining of energy
  • Increases the metabolism
  • Promotes the use of fatty acids as a source of energy
  • Helps the activation of the nervous system
  • Decreases the appetite
  • It helps to reduce the retention of liquids
  • It increases the yield
  • Increases performance

How to use

It is recommended to take 1 to 2 capsules, before starting the training session.

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Entreno a las 20:30 de la tarde normalmente, la sesión suele ser de dos horas, tendrá interferencias con el sueño?

  2021-08-31 13:57:40 - Antonio José

Hola , dependerá del grado de tolerancia que tenga ante  los estimulantes , puede optar por hacer dos tomas del producto , una por la mañana con el desayuno y la otra en la ultima comida antes del entreno , así se beneficiara de los efectos del producto sin ver alterado el sueño .

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