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Life Pro Artilife Pro Glucosamine 90 Vegancaps

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Joint degeneration is a fairly common process, associated with misuse or overuse of the joints.


What is it for?

Factors such as poor nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle or inadequate management of the training load can cause the onset of discomfort or premature degeneration of the tissues, which can lead to situations of general discomfort, pain or functional inability even to perform daily activities, thus leading to a series of physical and psychological complications.

In resolving this problem, proper nutrition, good management of physical activity and daily activity are key, along with the establishment of healthy habits, where in the last resort, supplementation can be an effective aid.

In this regard, the Supplementation of healthy habits and the establishment of healthy habits, where in the last resort, supplementation can be an effective aid.

In this sense, the composition of the product has a novel formulation adjusted to the effective doses of each active ingredient according to the scientific evidence currently available.

The design of this product has a formulation that provides an anti-inflammatory component and a regenerative/anti degenerative component thanks to its 4 main components and a fifth component focused on improving bioavailability.

Within the components of ArtiLife Pro, we find those ingredients aimed at improving the degenerative symptoms of the tissues that make up our joints, such as chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate, which consumed in sufficient quantity and time, manage to slow the progression of the degeneration of joint tissues effectively compared to other active ingredients.

On the other hand, boswellia serrata and cucuma extract are traditional medicinal components of Ayurveda, the ancestral Indian medicine, where they have been used for centuries. Currently, research on these active ingredients shows us how both regulate positive and effective mechanisms in the resolution of inflammation, helping in cases of joint swelling or the appearance of chronic inflammatory states, which do not disappear over time. In turn, together with them, appears the black pepper extract which improves the bioavailability and assimilation of these compounds, allowing them to be much more usable and beneficial.

Finally, to guarantee the existence of first quality materials the use of cursol; in the extract of coumarin together with bioperine; as a patent of black pepper extract, ensures a bioavailable and effective product in the treatment of painful symptomatology. Moreover, in the case of Boswellia Serrata, this product ensures having 35% of AKBA the main boswellic acid with anti-inflammatory effect that conforms to it and with promising scientific evidence in the improvement of these symptoms mentioned.


This product contains boswellia serrata, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, curcumin (cursol ®), Black Pepper Extract (bioperine ®) and boswellia serrata.

Boswellia serrata.


  • Significant anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Help against the symptoms of osteoarthritis.
  • Reduction of the symptoms of joint pain.
  • Helps against the degeneration of cartilage.
  • Prevents the progression of joint degeneration.
  • It helps against the pain caused by acute inflammation.
  • Its long term consumption decreases the general inflammatory state.
  • It helps against arthritis.


In case of receiving any type of medication, consult your doctor.

What dosage should I consume?

Consume 3 caps throughout the day.

Reviews (1)

1 Reviews

un 10!!!!!!!
A mi parecer es como un ralajante muscular pero saludable, un 10

Frequently questions

Hola, Pone “ Consumir 3 cápsulas a lo largo del día” ¿Han de estar repartidas lo más separadas posibles? O me puedo tomar 2 en el desayuno y una en la cena? O las 3 en una misma comida? Gracias

  2023-01-01 20:31:59 - Jaume

Hola Jaume, 

Lo más recomendado es que se tome una cápsula con cada comida, para que la absorción sea óptima y continuada a lo largo del día, y se aprovechen sus beneficios al máximo. No habría inconveniente si por otras razones, quiere juntar las 3 o 2 en una misma comida.

Saludos :) 

Buenas., la dosis diaria recomendada son 3 cápsulas. Cuándo es el momento adecuado??. Puede ser en ayunas y las 3 cápsulas a la vez o se tienen que intercalar tras las 3 comidas. GRACIAS

  2022-11-20 22:25:14 - Rubén Jesús


No habría inconveniente en tomar las 3 cápsulas juntas, aunque lo recomendado es 1 cápsula con cada comida, de esta manera, al tomarlos junto a otros alimentos, mejora la absorción de forma continuada durante el día , y por tanto, se potencian los beneficios. 

Saludos :) 

Hola. Quiero saber la composición exacta de este producto, ingredientes y cantidad. Cantidad de glucosamina sulfato y condroitina sulfato...etc Un saludo. Gracias.

  2022-03-30 10:37:54 - Margarita Cuberos

Buenos días Margarita, le adjunto los ingredientes  y cantidad de cada uno por toma (3 cápsulas): Sulfato de glucosamina (1500 mg), sulfato de condroitina (900 mg), extracto seco de cúrcuma de cursol (cúrcuma Longa L. rizoma) (300 mg) con un 2.1% de cúrcuma ( 6.3 mg), extracto seco de Boswellia (Boswellia serrata Roxb.ex Colebr.,resina) (198mg) 30º% AKBA (acetil-ceto-beta-boswéllico) (59.4 mg), extracto seco de pimienta negra BioPerine (Piper nigrum L,.fruto) (31.5mg) con 95% de piperina (30mg) y antiaglomerante: estearato de magnesio. Cápsula (agente de recubrimiento: hidroxipropilmetilcelulosa).

Su consumo a largo plazo disminuye el estado inflamatorio general. ¿Esto que quiere decir?

  2022-01-29 18:44:06 - Iñigo

¡Hola! Este producto contiene curcumina, procedente de la cúrcuma. Tiene propiedades antiinflamatorias en el organismo, es por ello que al tomarlo a largo plazo actúa en el estado inflamatorio contrarrestándolo. Espero que se haya resuelto tu duda. Un saludo :)

Hola, el suplemento articular se recomienda tomar de continuo? O habria que descansar cada 6 meses por ejemplo? Gracias.

  2021-07-15 16:13:28 - Jose Maria

Hola! Es un suplemento que no requiere descanso si usted lo necesita , de hecho es un suplemento que funciona de manera acumulativa, es decir que puede tardar en notar sus efectos totales pasados unos meses . Saludos :) 


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