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Life Pro Recopro Cluster Dextrin Con Bcaa's Y Electrolitos 1kg

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Life Pro RecoPro Cluster Dextrin with BCAA's and Electrolytes is a very complete supplement that combines highly branched cíclic dextrin with BCAA's and electrolytes, to offer a total improvement of the athlete's performance.

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What properties does it have?

RecoPro is a supplement with which Life Pro demonstrates that its catalog is always at the forefront of innovation in the world of sports nutrition. It is a combination that mixes the prestigious BCAA's with a novel compound, called highly branched chain dextrin or cyclodextrin.

Cyclodextrin is a carbohydrate that offers valuable ease of absorption, which allows its nutrients to pass into the bloodstream quickly and easily; neo quickly so that the athlete can take advantage of thebenefits it offers almost immediately after taking the supplement in question.

Life Pro RecoPro Cluster Dextrin with BCAA's and Electrolytes manages to delay the onset of fatigue, improving the energetic performance of the muscles during training.

Also, the BCAA's protect muscle tissues against catabolism, facilitating the growth of the same, and improves the effectiveness of the periods of recovery.

LIFE PRO Cluster Dextrin is a latest generation carbohydrate obtained by enzymatic degradation of starch. Its high molecular weight and low osmolarity along with its high solubility in water and other liquids and its excellent digestibility and emptying (just 20 minutes) make it ideal for all types of athletes, not only strength and power, but for all endurance sports such as cycling, athletics, swimming and triathlon. 

What are its benefits?

  • Cluster dextrin is a state-of-the-art carbohydrate source, which is characterized by its fast and perfect absorption providing high levels of energy without altering blood glucose levels while still allowing fat burning as a source of energy.
  • Unlike other sources, it can be taken during the performance of the training since it has thanks to its molecular structure, with an ultra fast gastric emptying.
  • It quickly recharges glucose levels and accelerates recovery, which is essential to reduce the feeling of fatigue and to maintain performance for the maximum possible time.
  • It delays the onset of fatigue, improving the energetic performance of the muscles during training.
  • It does not cause any stomach upset. Its high molecular weight and low osmolarity as well as its high solubility in water and other liquids and its excellent digestibility and gastric emptying (only 20 minutes).
  • It has been enriched with BCAAS and electrolytes.
  • The BCAA‘s are essential elements for the maintenance of muscle mass as well as to accelerate recovery after physical activity. They are part of the proteins.
  • They contribute to reducing fatigue both during and after training and promote optimal recovery after intense workouts. They can reduce muscle damage.
  • They can reduce muscle damage.
  • The Bcaas contribute in establishing an anabolic environment in your body, offering you energy in terms of muscles.
  • Thanks to the electrolytes, it helps maintain proper hydration during and after training as these are lost through sweat.
  • They help prevent muscle cramps, reduce fatigue, intervene in the proper regulation of metabolism and certain hormones, as well as favor the transmission of nerve impulses.
  • The consumption of drinks that include electrolytes, helpá to maintain strength levels, performance, endurance and concentration

How to use

Mix 30 g (1 scoop ) with 500 ml of water or beverage of choice and take 10 minutes before training, for best results consume 5 minutes before completing the workout.

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Frequently questions

Hola, tengo dudas sobre si es vegano. Gracias =)

  2023-05-29 10:09:50 - Carles

Buenos días Carles,

Si, es vegano :) Los aminoácidos son de síntesis bacteriana, no contiene ningún ingrediente de origen animal.

Un saludo!!

hola, con que tipo de electrolitos lo combina?

  2022-07-14 15:46:26 - JUAN ANTONIO

Buenas Juan Antonio! los electrolitos que contiene son sodio y calcio. Saludos :) 

LIFE PRO RECOPRO CLUSTER DEXTRIN CON BCAA'S Y ELECTROLITOS 1KG hola se puede ir tomando este producto mientras monta en bicicleta ?? gracias

  2021-06-04 12:39:16 - manuel

Buenas tardes ,

Si ,  puede tomar el recopro mientras monta en bicicleta y si fuera necesario tambien puede hacer otra toma despues junto con nuestros MAP para una mayor recuperacion , le dejo el enlace https://www.lifepronutrition.com/es/aminoacidos/life-pro-map-300-g.html .

Un saludo , espero haberle ayudado .

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