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Life Pro Carnitine 1000 Carnipure 90 Caps

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Life Pro Carnitine 1000 Carnipure is a supplement specially created to meet the needs of all those who, for whatever reason, need to reduce the amount of fatty acids accumulated in their bodies.

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What is Life Pro Carnitine 1000 Carnipure?

Carnitine has the ability to encourage fats located in areas such as the stomach or hips to be transported to the cellular mitochondria, where they are metabolised or 'burned' to extract energy from them. In addition, Life Pro Carnitine 1000Carnipure has the patented Carnipure formula, which ensures a very high quality carnitine.

Why take Life Pro Carnitine 1000 Carnipure?

Weight loss and muscle definition are two of the most common goals in the fitness world, and also two of the most difficult. In both, the reduction of accumulated fat is an indispensable condition, and Life Pro Carnitine 1000 Carnipure has come onto the market to position itself as a perfect ally in these cases.

As mentioned above, one of the functions of carnitine in the body is to promote the transport and metabolism of fatty acids. Thus, by taking Life Pro Carnitine 1000 Carnipure, the body eliminates more fat than it would on a daily basis.

The most obvious benefit is the elimination of these fatty acids, which results in weight loss and more defined muscles that are not so hindered by the fat layer. However, there is another hidden quality behind this, and that is that the burning of the fatty acids provides energy that can be used to increase vitality and concentration, two attributes that will help improve your physical performance.

Benefits of Life Pro Carnitine 1000 Carnipure

  • With Carnipure creatine of the highest quality.
  • Ideal for weight loss or definition.
  • Increases fatty acid metabolism.
  • Provides extra energy and focus.

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Frequently questions

Hola! Se podría combinar con el quemador de grasa evidenced burner? Gracjas

  2023-05-02 12:01:19 - Silvia

Buenas Silvia,

Puedes combinar ambos sin problema :)

Un saludo!

Tomar antes del entrenamiento, ¿Pero cuanto tiempo antes? ¿1h? ¿30min? ¿45min? ¿10min? ¿15min?

  2022-12-26 12:29:57 - Dario

¡Hola Darío! 

Se recomiendan unos 20 minutos aproximadamente, puesto que este es el tiempo promedio de digestión de la carnitina. En cada organismo puede variar, aunque este es tiempo suficiente. 

saludos :) 

Cuando debo tomar? Y cuantas pastillas al día?

  2022-08-05 12:17:34 - Oscar Fernando

Buenos días Oscar,

la dosis recomendada es de 1 cápsula al día, preferiblemente un rato antes del entreno. 

Gracias, ¡saludos! :)

Hola!!! Quería saber si realmente el quemador de grasas “Life Pro Carnitine 1000 Carnipure 90 Caps” es eficaz?? Estoy entrenando duro y tengo un %graso del 12/13% estoy buscando un empujón para definir y perder esa grasa revelde. Tiene algún efecto secundario?? Como y cuando tomar este suplemento?? Gracias, un saludo

  2022-07-26 19:38:51 - Diego

¡Hola Diego! si, es muy buena opción para bajar grasa corporal, además le ayudará a obtener un extra de energía.

La recomendación es de 1 cápsula al dia, puede ser por ejemplo antes de entrenar. 

Gracias, ¡saludos! :) 


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