22 July, 2019 desarrollo@indiex.es

LIFE PRO SUPER OMEGA 3 90 SOFTGELS, contains OMEGA 3, a fatty acid present especially in fish, so we can acquire it through food, but sometimes supplementation is necessary, because through our diet we are not able to get the amount necessary to maintain our vascular system in full faculties.

It includes vitamin D3, which is beneficial for osteoporosis, helps absorb calcium and phosphorus, also increases bone density. Vitamin E helps in the formation of red blood cells.
• Lowers cholesterol levels.
• Antioxidant improving the health and aging of cells.
• Reduces inflammations that have to do with cardiovascular problems.
• Collaborates in the formation and growth of the neurological system.
• Lower cholesterol levels thanks to the effect of polyunsaturated acids that improve the walls and cell membranes allowing the best exchange of nutrients and waste substances


DAILY DOSE AND DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Take a pearl at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

INGREDIENTS: Fish oil (Omega 3 35/25 EPA / DHA), Vitamin E (D alpha tocopherol), soft gelatin shell, glycerin (humectant) and antioxidant (vitahes E, E-306, E-304i, E-10).

Carnitine (Carnipure)1000mg
Fish oil 35/25 EPA / DHA EE /1050 mg EPA
750 mg DHA
Vitamin E Natural 67% (D-alfa tocoferol) /15 mg αTE Vit.E
Vitamina E Natural 67% (D-alfa tocoferol) 22,5*(VRN = 125 %)
* NRV: Nutriente Reference Value