22 July, 2019 desarrollo@indiex.es

LIFE PRO CREATINE CREAPURE® is a creatine manufactured by SKW subsidiary of BAYER, world leader in the manufacture of creatine thanks to its quality that ensures its purity free of byproducts or other elements that are not creatine ensuring maximum effectiveness WITHOUT side effects such as retention of liquids, so why play it with others ?.

LIFE PRO CREATINE CREAPURE® increases physical performance significantly, especially in explosion and repetition sports. for this reason it is a very useful tool in sports such as athletics, tennis, throwing, bodybuilding, weightlifting, etc … as well as in endurance sports such as cycling and triathlon by increasing energy deposits and delaying fatigue.

LIFE PRO CREATINE CREAPURE® increases strength and strength up to 15% in sports such as lifting weights or others that require a large explosiveness. The improvement reaches up to 30% in the increase of the power and the release of energy in short races and up to 15% in the training of repeated sprints.



METHOD OF USE: The recommended dose of 5g. RECOMMENDED DAILY USE: Take 5g of mixture with 150ml of water or juice.

INGREDIENTS: Creatine Creapure® 99.9% purity.

FLAVORS: Orange, unflavored.

5 G