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Life Pro Rage Pro 290g Caffeine Free

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Life Pro Rage is the new caffeine-free pre-workout supplement that promotes strength and performance enhancement and vasodilation. 

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What is Life Pro Rage Pro Caffeine Free?

Rage by Life Pro is the new supplement designed to be taken before workouts, which has been developed with a set of selected ingredients, with the aim of achieving the most optimal improvement during the performance of workouts, especially strength training.

The main objective of Rage is to increase vasodilation, promote the production of nitric oxide and the arrival of nutrients and oxygen to muscle tissue. Its two main ingredients, Amaranth extract and Citrulline Malate, act synergistically to enhance their effects.

Each serving of Life Pro Rage provides 8 grams of citrulline malate at a 2:1 ratio and 4 grams of dry amaranth extract. It does not contain caffeine or any other compounds with stimulant properties.

Rage has been designed in 2 different flavours: Energy and Lollipop. It is recommended for people with a low tolerance to caffeine or other stimulant substances. It is also an ally for people who want to enjoy a pre-workout in the hours close to sleep.

What are the ingredients in Life Pro Rage Pro Caffeine Free?

Rage has been formulated with carefully selected, patented, quality ingredients to provide you with a highly effective pre-workout. 

Oxystorm Amaranth Dry Extract: 

  • Oxystorm patented formula.
  • Promotes vasodilation and pump.
  • Contributes to strength gain.
  • Prevents the onset of early fatigue and tiredness.
  • Promotes the delivery of nutrients to muscle tissue.
  • Each serving provides 4 grams of dry amaranth extract.


    • Citrulline malate arises from the combination of two elements: a non-essential amino acid, citrulline with the malate salt.
    • It is a precursor of arginine and nitric oxide.
    • It acts in conjunction with dry amaranth extract to enhance their effects.
  • Promotes energy production.
  • Improves the immune system.
  • Reduces feelings of fatigue.
  • Each serving provides 8 grams of Citrulline Malate.

The flavours of Life Pro Rage Caffeine Free.

Life Pro Rage has been sweetened in its 2 flavours with sucralose. It does not contain aspartame or other sweeteners. Sucralose is a sweetener suitable for diabetics as it does not affect blood sugar levels.

It has the capacity to sweeten 500 to 600 times more than conventional sugar. It is obtained from sucrose. Sucralose contains no calories: it provides sweetness and flavour only, making it a very safe sweetener for consumption. It does not alter the feeling of openness and/or satiety.

Life Pro Rage has been designed in two different flavours: Energy: an intense energy drink flavour, but without the caffeine and Lollipop: a delicious sweet, cherry, lollipop-like flavour.

What are the benefits of Life Pro Rage Pro Caffeine Free?

  • Improved performance without stimulants.
  • Its components promote pumping and vasodilation.
  • Its patented combination of ingredients is one of the most effective for improving performance and getting the most out of every workout. 
  • Promotes post-workout recovery as a result of increased oxygen to the muscles.
  • Improves strength and endurance levels. 
  • Improves the total volume of training supported.
  • It is the most recommended option for people who want to benefit from a pre-workout but are sensitive to caffeine or do not wish to take it.
  • As a result, nutrients are optimally delivered to the muscle tissue and the visual sensation after training is optimised.

When to take Life Pro Rage Caffeine Free?

Life Pro Rage is recommended for all people who are sensitive to caffeine, are unloaded or do not wish to consume caffeine.

It has the advantage that it can be taken close to sleep, without interfering with rest.

As it is not formulated with stimulants, it has the advantage of avoiding the side effects of caffeine that people who are sensitive to it may experience, such as vomiting, nausea, dizziness, etc.

How to take Life Pro Rage?

Dissolve 18 g (2 scoops up to the 20 ml mark) in water or juice (200 ml - 250 ml). Take 40 minutes before training.

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Frequently questions

Buenas, quería saber cuántas calorías cada 100gr tiene el Rage. Gracias

  2023-03-06 15:18:10 - Vero

¡Hola Vero!

Las calorías de Rage Pro como tal son bastante pocas, ya que contiene ingredientes que son extractos y que no son calóricos como la citrulina o el mineral potasio. Si lo tomas con agua apenas aportará calorías, son despreciables.

saludos :) 

buenas tardes. quería saber si los preentrenos sin cafeína, sus componentes pueden afectar negativamente tanto corporalmente o cerebralmente. también quería saber si interrumpe el sueño (lo tomaría a las 19:00 y duermo sobre las 23:30).espero su respuesta. gracias y un ssludo

  2023-01-26 21:27:37 - Victor

Hola Victor, 

Los preentrenos formulados sin estimulantes son totalmente seguros, al igual que los que sí los contienen en las dosis recomendadas. En caso de sufrir de alguna patología lo recomendable es que lo consulte con su médico. Respondiendo a su pregunta, sí, son seguros para el sistema nervioso, entre sus ingredientes encontramos sales y minerales necesarios para el organismo, variando según el tipo de preentreno. 

El wild pump en concreto, contiene Rhodiola Rosea, que ayuda precisamente a descansar mejor. La formulación en si está diseñada a mejorar el rendimiento de manera que no active en exceso el sistema nervioso.

Espero haber aclarado su duda, gracias,

saludos :)  

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