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Life Pro Fit Food Tasty Rice Choco Monky 1kg

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Tasty Rice Choco Monky is a delicious, pre-cooked, pre-gelatinised rice flour, easy to prepare, with the unique delicious taste of Monky chocolate bars.

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What is Tasty Rice Choco Monky?

Tasty Rice Choco Monky is the latest addition to Life Pro's Tasty Rice range of pre-gelatinised rice flours.

Tasty Rice Choco Monky is a delicious instant pre-gelatinised rice flour, characterised by its texture, easy digestibility and excellent supply of rapidly assimilated carbohydrates.

Tasty Rice Choco Monky is made with pregelatinised rice. In this process, the rice grains used undergo a cooking process to change the structure of the starch granules. It does not need to be cooked to enjoy its properties. 

What are the properties of Tasty Rice Choco Monky?

Pregelatinised rice cream is a very versatile food that is easy to use, easy to prepare and very filling.  It is a source of carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed; they provide energy quickly over time. It is also rich in fibre.

What is the difference between Tasty Rice and other rice flours?

Tasty Rice is the only rice cream that is assimilated by the body, with the lowest level of sugar. The pre-gelatinisation process brings a series of advantages to the final food:

  • it makes it easier to take
  • improves its digestibility.
  • avoids possible stomach discomfort.

Other rice creams/flours on the market, as they do not have the pre-gelatinisation process, cannot be assimilated and digested by the body.

What are the benefits of Tasty Rice Choco Monky?

  • Made with pre-gelatinised rice flakes.
  • Rapidly absorbed carbohydrates.
  • Easy digestion and assimilation.
  • Low in sugars and fats.
  • High fibre content. High satiety index.
  • Contributes to improving intestinal transit.
  • With natural cocoa and real caramelised biscuit pieces.
  • Sweetened with sucralose.
  • Exclusive Choco Monky flavour.

The delicious Choco Monky flavour.

The exclusive flavour of your favourite chocolate bar has been achieved by combining 3 ingredients; caramelised biscuits, alkalised cocoa and sucralose.

Alkalized cocoa.

  • Maintains all the natural properties of pure cocoa.
  • Source of antioxidants.
  • The alkalinisation process reduces the bitterness naturally present in cocoa.

Caramelised biscuits.

Tasty Rice Choco Monky contains delicious real pieces of speculoos biscuits.

How to prepare Tasty Rice Choco Monky?

Mix a quantity of 50 grams with 200-250 ml of water until a creamy, porridge-like texture is achieved. The quantities can be modified according to taste and desired consistency.

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Rico rico!
Como buen amante del chocolate que soy, el sabor me ha encantado

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