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What is Whey Choco Monky 2kg?

Whey Choco Monky 2kg is a product from Life Pro's Whey protein line, with a special edition that offers a unique and innovative flavour achieved through the combination of Lotus biscuit, alkalised cocoa and chocolate.

The protein source used in Whey Choco Monky 2kg comes from whey and contains all the essential amino acids. It is an excellent source of high biological value.

Protein is an important nutrient in building muscle mass, repairing tissues damaged during training and maintaining them. Each serving of Whey Choco Monky 2kg provides over 21 grams of protein, making it an excellent choice for those looking for quality protein and unmistakable taste for a limited time.

Benefits of Whey Choco Monky 2kg

Whey Choco Monky 2kg is a protein supplement with excellent nutritional values and a never-before-seen taste. It is the perfect choice for athletes or for those who want to take care of their diet while enjoying an innovative taste.

How to take Whey Choco Monky 2kg?

30 grams (1 scoop) of Whey Choco Monky 2kg is recommended to be dissolved in water, milk or vegetable drink of choice (200ml - 250ml) and can be taken at any time of the day when extra protein is required.

What is Tasty Rice by Life Pro?

Tasty Rice Life Pro is a new product that provides carbohydrates from rice with a higher rate of absorption and hydration. It uses natural rice that is subjected to a specific process called pregelatinisation, which modifies the structure of the rice starch granule and produces a pregelatinised rice flour that is easy to use in many recipes.

Benefits of Tasty Rice

This product has gained popularity in the field of sport and nutrition because it is a quick source of energy, aids digestion, prevents gastrointestinal discomfort and dissolves easily in liquids such as milk, juice or water. It is also GMO (genetically modified organism) free.

How to take

Tasty Rice pregelatinised rice flour can be used as an ingredient in many recipes, either in its neutral flavour or in the sweet flavours in which it has been designed. It is a convenient, quick and delicious option for those who wish to consume carbohydrates from rice.


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