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Life Pro Vegan Vitamin D 4000ui 90 Vegancaps

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Life Pro Vitamin D 4000 IU is a supplement of vitamin D that helps to achieve the levels the body needs, improving the immune system, bones, and mood. 

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What is Vitamin D 4000 IUI?

Vitamin D 4000 IU is the supplement that has been formulated in order to prevent problems arising from a lack of vitamin D: a vitamin that is obtained through exposure to the sun. Vitamin D is necessary for a large number of physiological processes.

Within the classification of vitamins, vitamin D belongs to the group of fat-soluble vitamins. As a result, it has the characteristic that, unlike other vitamins that are eliminated through urine, it can be stored in the fatty tissue of the organism. Unlike water-soluble vitamins, it is not excreted in the urine.

Among the main benefits, it reduces joint pain, improves mood and sense of well-being, improves bone and joint health.

Life Pro Vitamin D is the ideal supplement to meet vitamin D requirements and prevent vitamin D deficiency, as well as prevent diseases associated with deficiency. 

The vegan way to obtain vitamin D.

The form used to design this supplement comes from a vegan source: D2 can be found in plant sources and D3 in animal sources.

Thanks to advances in science, vitamin D3 has been obtained from plant sources, without the need to involve any animal sources. As a result, Vitamin D is a supplement suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Each dose of 1 capsule of Vitamin D provides 4000 IU.

What are the properties of Vitamin D 4000ui Life Pro?.

  • It improves the absorption of minerals: phosphorus and especially calcium homeostasis. It is necessary to repair damaged bones and to create healthy tissue, e.g. in case of a fracture.
  • Prevents diseases and avoids the appearance of damaged cells due to excessive growth.
  • In relation to hormones, it intervenes in the regulation of testosterone and serotonin.
  • Calcitriol: unused calcium is converted into this substance. It is a molecule involved in various processes such as the regulation of mood and appetite.
  • It is involved in the control of blood pressure and various functions related to the heart, protects neurons and prevents their degeneration.
  • In pregnancy: it is essential to ensure adequate levels of vitamin D during pregnancy: it is vital for the proper development of the baby, especially for its role in the construction of bone tissue and to prevent diseases such as rickets.
  • It has properties that carry out anti-inflammatory functions. It strengthens and maintains the immune system in a correct state.

What happens with a lack of vitamin D?

A lack of vitamin D in the body is a very common occurrence that must be observed and treated as this vitamin is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. One of the most common symptoms is lack of energy and fatigue. It occurs as a consequence because vitamin D is essential for energy production.

It is common among the population, especially in winter months, and in geographical areas with low sun exposure, to have low vitamin D levels. Experts recommend 10 to 30 minutes to obtain the daily vitamin D levels the body needs.

The immune system worsens: the occurrence of colds, flu, etc. increases. The mood is another of the most common consequences. Without vitamin D, mood worsens, and a lack of vitamin D has been linked to one of the reasons why depression can occur.

Because one of its functions is to help fix calcium, a lack of vitamin D can lead to loss of bone density and other bone-related problems: it can also lead to fractures, muscle damage and osteoporosis in older people.

What are the benefits of Vitamin D 4000ui Life Pro?

  • Calcium absorption: The property of vitamin D is that it increases its absorption in the intestine. Calcium is a mineral necessary to keep bones and teeth in good condition and to prevent structural diseases such as osteoporosis.
  • Blood glucose levels: Vitamin D helps to improve blood sugar levels: in this way it can help prevent diabetes.
  • Strengthens the immune system: Especially in the months when there is low sun exposure, either due to the weather, geographical area, etc., it is important to supplement with vitamin D adequately. It helps to keep our immune system in optimal condition, helps prevent flu, colds, and similar illnesses.
  • Energy levels, well-being, and mood: Vitamin D has been shown to be necessary to maintain a healthy energy level and mood. This happens because it regulates the enzyme responsible for converting tryptone into serotonin, one of the hormones responsible for happiness.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: This happens thanks to the improvement it makes in your immune system. Vitamin D acts as a natural anti-inflammatory: it has natural properties to treat inflammation.
  • Prevent sarcopenia: Low levels of vitamin D can promote the onset of sarcopenia, the loss of muscle mass caused by aging. 

The importance of vitamin D in athletes.

Research to date shows that vitamin D can help increase levels of strength and endurance, factors that can be of great importance for physically active people; it is essential for promoting the growth of strength and mass, preventing protein degradation. In addition, this vitamin can also help reduce joint pain, such as discomfort and inflammation.

Its role in the regulation of hormones is especially notable in testosterone, as vitamin D can help increase its production.

For whom is Vitamin D 4000 IU Life Pro recommended?.

Vitamin D supplementation is recommended for people who:

  • Their sun exposure is not sufficient: They do not get enough vitamin D because they are not exposed to the sun long enough.
  • Have bone problems such as osteoporosis 
  • Who are taking antibiotic treatments or who take them frequently.
  • Would like to improve their mood and mood naturally.
  • At the risk of sarcopenia: such as those of advanced age,

How to take Vitamin D 4000 IU?

Take 1 capsule of Life Pro Vitamin D 4000 IU a day. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

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Hola buenas, me gustaría saber cuándo volveréis a reponer la vitamina D. Muchas gracias

  2023-03-29 12:21:32 - Cristian

Hola buenas Cristian, 

de momento no hay fecha concreta, si quiere, deje su correo en la casilla inferior del producto para que sea avisado de su reposición. Gracias, un saludo! 

Hola! Empecé a tomar vuestra vitamina D hace 2 meses porque la tenía bajita en 23, ahora me quedado embarazada, puedo seguir tomando está? Gracias!

  2021-05-19 18:06:11 - Nuria

En principio mientras la tenga por debajo de 50 puede seguir tomándola porque tiene varios efectos beneficiosos durante el embarazo y reduce el riesgo de varias complicaciones que pueden surgir durante el mismo y en el parto. Pero esto es un mero consejo, lo suyo es que su médico revise su última analítica y vea si es recomendable que la siga consumiendo.

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