Muestra Life Pro Wild Pump Non Stimulant 25g

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A caffeine-free pre-workout, it is intended to increase pump, vasodilation and enhance athletic performance.

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What is Life Pro Wild Pump Non Stimulant?

All components are of the highest quality, and have been patented, as in the case of Oxystorm Dried Amaranth Extract, Bioperine Pepper Extract and aXivite Phenicalpsaicin.

Life Pro Wild PumpNon Stimulant is recommended for people with a low tolerance to caffeine or other stimulant substances such as guarana.

It is also ideal for training close to sleeping hours, as it does not contain stimulants and therefore does not affect sleep or rest. Wild Pump Non Stimulant has been designed in 3 different flavours: lemon, berries and energy drink.

What are the components of Life Pro Wild Pump Non Stimulant?

  • L-citrulline-DL-malate: a precursor of arginine and nitric oxide: it promotes strength and muscle mass gains. Arginine improves muscle engorgement during and after workouts.
  • Dried extract of Rhodiola Rosea: An adaptogen, it acts without altering the central nervous system. It helps to reduce stress and cortisol levels, and contributes to maintaining normal circulation.
  • Oxystorm Amaranth Dry Extract: Promotes vasodilation, which helps blood to reach the muscles better, as well as increasing performance and preventing fatigue.
  • Potassium, Sodium, Chlorine: These three minerals form part of the electrolytes. They are necessary to regulate the state of hydration, the water balance and prevent the onset of possible muscle cramps during training.
  • Phenylcapsaicin Axivite® helps to increase metabolism, decrease possible pain or discomfort caused by training and helps with high blood pressure levels.

What are the benefits of Life Pro Wild Pump Non Stimulant?

  • Improves performance without stimulants. It promotes pumping, the delivery of more oxygen to the muscles, as well as nutrients.
  • It has some components with the function of vasodilators: they improve blood flow to the muscles, as well as circulation.
  • Contains nitric oxide, a precursor of arginine and nitric oxide: promotes gains in strength and muscle mass.
  • It promotes recovery after workouts as a result of the increased amount of oxygen in the muscles.
  • It is the alternative for people who want to benefit from a pre-workout but are sensitive to caffeine or do not wish to take it.
  • As it is not formulated with stimulants, it has the advantage of avoiding the side effects of caffeine that people who are sensitive to it may experience, such as vomiting, nausea, dizziness, etc.
  • The supply of minerals helps to maintain a correct balance of electrolytes and to prevent possible muscle cramps.
  • All the ingredients are of high quality: some of them are patented and have been subjected to rigorous quality controls.

When to take Life Pro Wild Pump Non Stimulant?

Life Pro Pump Non Stimulant is recommended for all people who are sensitive to caffeine, are unloaded or do not wish to consume caffeine.

It has the advantage that it can be taken close to sleep, without interfering with rest.

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