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The Juniorworkout pack is the ideal option for those who want to improve their performance in the gym and maintain a healthy diet. This package contains three premium quality products from the Life Pro brand that will meet your nutritional needs and help you achieve your fitness goals.

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Life Pro Whey Choco Monky 1kg Limited Edition

Concentrated protein designed by Life Pro. New to the Monky chocolate bar, your childhood favorite. Made with whey concentrate Lacprodan SP-Instant.

What is Whey Choco Monky 1kg Life Pro?

Whey Choco Monky 1kg is a protein supplement, made with whey Lacprodan SP-8011 Instant.Whey Choco Monky 1kg se difference for its innovative and exclusive flavor a Monky chocolate bar.

Whey Choco Monky has been formulated using Lacprodan® SP 8011 -Instantaneous. It is a patented formula, with great purity, and with a low content of fats and carbohydrates. With more than 72% protein, it is a high-quality supplement that contributes to meeting daily protein requirements. Whey protein is characterized by its rapid absorption in the body, providing the necessary amount to carry out the functions in which it is required. Instant. To improve the digestion process, a complex of digestive enzymes Digezyme has been incorporated.

Life Pro Tasty Rice 1kg

Tasty Rice from Life Pro is a supplement made from pregelatinized rice flour, which maintains all the properties and nutrients of rice, which allows you to prepare different creams or recipes in a comfortable way and fast.

What is Tasty Rice Life Pro?

For all those people who include different types of carbohydrates throughout the day, rice is one of the most suitable options due to its properties and characteristics.

Tasty Rice is a new way of providing carbohydrates from rice with a higher rate of absorption and hydration. To obtain this food, only natural rice is used, which is subjected to a specific process that transforms it, called pregelatinization. 

Life Pro Fit Food Protein Crunch 500g

Protein Crunch are delicious protein pearls, with a very crunchy texture, ideal to add to your recipes or use as a topping.

What is it Protein Crunch?

Protein Crunch has the crunchy texture similar to cookie bits. It has been designed in 3 different combinations so you can choose your favourite: white, black and mix chocolate. Contains no added sugars or artificial colors.

Achieving your protein goals each day is essential for the health of physically active people: Protein Crunch is very high in protein, providing 50 grams per 100 and that contributes to meeting daily requirements in a comfortable and delicious way.


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