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The raw material is the starting point with which all supplements and complements, after prior research and development, begin to be manufactured in the different facilities.

The importance of raw materials

Having a quality raw material, according to the needs of consumers and the requirements of each product, is essential to offer a guarantee, meet quality standards and the expected food safety. 

One of the objectives within the Life Pro team is continuous evolution. Life Pro was created by sportsmen and scientific professionals, with the aim of offering supplements under two non-negotiable conditions: safety for health and confidence for the most demanding consumers. All this trajectory begins with the selection of suppliers in accordance with the needs and requirements.

Our suppliers and the concept of quality

Raw materials are an essential factor in achieving the concept of quality. At Life Pro we have the knowledge about the raw materials we use, their patents and different qualities and properties. 

At Life Pro, we know our suppliers, who have been rigorously selected and what conditions they are in. We work with numerous patented raw materials, which you can find in the different supplements we launch. On the labeling as well as on the packaging of the chosen supplement, you will find the labels or references of the patents and raw materials used. 

Life Pro and the patents used 

As mentioned, the use of patents is a key aspect to achieve quality standards, ensuring that our supplements have a guarantee, as well as their efficacy and properties. 

Check out the most relevant patents that our supplements include:

Glanbia Provon 

Different supplements have a raw material provided by Glanbia among their main ingredients. The protein has been obtained under the initiated and optimized cross-flow microfiltration process. At Life Pro, we are contracted to use the CFM seals and the Provon logo on products made with this raw material, in order to provide transparency.

The whey protein isolates obtained are of exceptional purity and contain the full spectrum of undenatured proteins normally found in whey.

Solmiko: including milk protein concentrates and whey protein isolates are excellent sources of native casein and whey proteins. 

Lacprodan (Arla)

Arla Foods Ingredients has different whey concentrates and whey isolates to suit different applications in supplement production. Lacprodan Clearshake and Lacprodan SP-Instant are the two most commonly used protein sources in Life Pro. 


A proprietary blend of digestive enzymes derived from different microbial sources. A large number of Life Pro supplements have this complex added with the aim of improving the digestion process and avoiding problems due to enzyme deficiencies. 

Other patents: 

Cluster Dextrin (cyclodextrin, a patented carbohydrate, especially for sports), Cursol (patented, highly bioavailable turmeric), Creapure (quality seal that a creatine supplement can have, ensuring its purity and origin), Lipofer (microencapsulated iron), Cherrypure (extract obtained from sour cherries originating in the French town of Montmorency), Pomanox (natural extract derived from pomegranate).

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