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Life Pro Tribulus + ZMA is a supplement that combines 4 ingredients of maximum effectiveness to help muscle mass gain and testosterone production in a natural way.
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Life Pro Tribu is a nutritional supplement that will help you increase your testosterone levels naturally, thus optimising muscle mass gain. 

What are growth stimulants?

Growth stimulants are those sports supplements that aim to naturally increase the amount of testosterone produced by our body and promote increased strength and muscle tissue building.

If there is one thing that characterises this type of supplements, it is that they are safe for the body, they do not contain any type of hormone in their composition and they are totally legal and suitable. 

Their main function is to promote muscle mass gain and the creation of an ideal anabolic environment to carry out this process: anabolism is a process that takes place, when conditions are ideal, in which new structures are created, such as tissue growth: the fibres that form muscle mass. 

Growth stimulants not only promote the gain of muscle mass, but also contribute to improving other factors related to training, such as recovery time, strength gain and the increase of other hormones involved in addition to testosterone. 

Who are growth stimulants recommended for?

  • Growth stimulants are recommended for people who:
  • Aim to increase muscle mass.
  • Increase strength levels.
  • Increase testosterone levels naturally.
  • Do not want to suffer from side effects.
  • Increase certain hormone levels that may be found in less than ideal amounts. 

What are the functions of growth stimulants? 

The main function of growth stimulants is to increase testosterone and other anabolic hormones:

In a natural way, there are compounds such as zinc, magnesium etc. that naturally have properties capable of increasing these levels. These types of supplements are usually made in various combinations.

Testosterone belongs to the group of hormones called androgens: it is required for the gain of muscle mass and strength in relation to sport, which also has other functions such as the maintenance of bone density and the maintenance of muscle mass. 

Growth hormone or GH: it is produced during sleep, in one of the deepest phases of sleep. It is one of the hormones responsible for muscle mass gain.

In addition, growth stimulants, due to their composition, can contribute to other functions such as improving libido and sexual function (as a result of increased testosterone) as well as improving sports performance in general (increased strength, ability to tolerate higher training volume).

What do growth stimulants consist of?

The composition of each growth stimulant can vary: they are generally made from combinations of certain minerals, vitamins and extracts of various plants that have the ability to promote muscle growth.

Growth stimulants do not contain any hormones in their composition. They have no side effects. They do not alter the hormonal axis. All supplements categorised as natural anabolics are doping free. 

Some of the most common components are: zinc, vitamin B6, magnesium, tribulus terrestris, etc.

At Life Pro we offer you a variety of safe and high quality growth stimulants made from selected ingredients.

How to take growth stimulants?

Growth stimulants can be taken after workouts or before going to bed at night, as they tend to make you sleepy due to the increase in growth hormone. 

It is recommended to strictly follow the instructions of the chosen supplement and not to exceed the dosage.

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