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Next Friday 26th November, one of the most important dates on our calendars arrives: Black Friday. Throughout the week you can discover the best offers in our catalogue and the best promotions so you can buy all your favourites. At Life Pro we offer you the best discounts on a wide variety and selection of supplements that you can't miss out on.


What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day when the traditional Christmas shopping starts every year. It has the characteristic that there are endless discounts and promotions on all kinds of products.

The origin of this day on the world calendar dates back to the 60s and 70s in the United States. It is celebrated on the last Friday of every November, one day after Thanksgiving Day.

The term known today as Black Friday originated in Philadelphia. It was used to describe the large number of people that accumulated in the streets, as well as the traffic, producing traffic jams on roads, crowded streets and crowds in all parts of the city.

Black Friday nowadays.

During the last decade, Black Friday has become a very important date on an international level. All shops offer thousands of discounts, promotions and unbeatable offers for more than just one day. The data collected over the years has shown that it is one of the days with the most activity and impact on a commercial level.

Although it began in the United States, its expansion worldwide has not stopped increasing. Thanks, in addition, to the facilities offered by online commerce, it is possible to access millions of products without the need to leave home.

Life Pro and Black Friday.

From 22nd to 29th November, find the best deals on your favourite supplements.

Our goal at Life Pro is to offer the best promotions, so that everyone can enjoy the advantages on this special day. Throughout the week, we will be launching different promotions on a wide range of products.

The products on which the different promotions will be applied will be highlighted on our home page. The most important day is Friday 26th, when you can get the best discounts of up to 40%.

How to make the most of Black Friday?

Thanks to the accessibility that online shopping allows, physical barriers are eliminated, such as endless queues, opening hours, limited stock, crowds, etc.

At Life Pro, we put all our resources into our online shop to offer you an intuitive, easy to use website with a wide catalogue of products so that you can place your order in the easiest way possible. Enjoy free shipping from €15 and use your loyalty points to get better deals.

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