Collaboration with Cantileros

At Life Pro, we don't just settle for improving your health and physical performance through optimal nutrition. We also want you to feel good about your actions.

That's why we offer you the opportunity to collaborate with Cantileros, an NGO dedicated to protecting animals in emergency situations.

Discover What Cantileros Is

Cantileros is an organization dedicated to defending and protecting animals in vulnerable situations. Their work focuses on rescuing, sheltering, caring for, and rehabilitating animals that have been abandoned, abused, or surrendered. They provide veterinary care and specific attention to improve their physical and emotional health. Once recovered, they seek loving homes where these animals can live as they deserve: surrounded by affection and care.

To achieve this, they have a dedicated group of volunteers and temporary homes. However, to help all animals, they need more volunteers for various tasks and families willing to shelter these animals as part of their family until they find a permanent home.

As their only source of funding comes from membership fees and occasional donations, any contribution brings them closer to their goal of helping as many animals as possible.

How to Contribute to Cantileros

On the Cantileros website, you'll find various ways to continue being part of the NGO and collaborate in emergency situations, including participation and volunteering.

To contribute to this cause, an option has been activated on our website. At Life Pro, we want to make it easy to collaborate with Cantileros; therefore, from your shopping cart, you can make a contribution from 1€ to the NGO while processing your order.

Furthermore, as a result of our commitment to the cause, the amount collected will be matched by Life Pro. If you're already part of the Life Pro family, join us in protecting and supporting animals in emergency situations.

You will find the option to make the donation when checking out on our website, the amount collected will be matched by Life Pro Nutrition

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More info. Cantileros Website

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