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At Life Pro, we're not just about improving your health and physical performance through optimal nutrition. We also want you to feel good about your actions.

That's why we offer you the possibility of collaborating with RASE, an NGO dedicated to the protection of animals in emergency situations.

Find out what is R.A.S.E.

R.A.S.E. (Animal Rescue in Emergency Situations) is a non-profit organisation, founded with the aim of providing shelter and protection to animals in catastrophic or emergency situations.

R.A.S.E., in collaboration with different volunteers, seeks to contribute to the rescue of animals that may be stranded in the event of accidents, fires, floods, among others.

R.A.S.E.'s work

- Rescue of animals in emergency situations.

- Providing assistance to animals affected by eviction from their homes.

- Assistance to animals that have been victims of accidents and catastrophes (car accidents, floods, etc.).

- Education and teaching of values based on the responsibility of caring for an animal.

How to contribute to R.A.S.E.

On the R.A.S.E. website you will find various ways in which you can continue to be part of the NGO and collaborate in emergency situations, including participation and volunteering.

To contribute to this work, an option has been activated from our own website. From Life Pro, we want to facilitate the collaboration with R.A.S.E., therefore, from the shopping cart, you can make a contribution from 1€ to the NGO at the same time that you process your order.

In addition, as a result of our involvement with the cause, the amount raised will be doubled by Life Pro. If you already belong to the Life Pro family, join us in protecting and sheltering animals in emergency situations.

You will find the option to make a donation when you checkout on our website, the amount collected will be doubled by Life Pro Nutrition.

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