22 July, 2019 desarrollo@indiex.es

LIFE PRO ONAGRA OIL favors the good functioning and stability of the membranes of the cells, as well as the nervous development and the regulation of blood coagulation processes. In addition, it reduces cholesterol and hypertension, relieves symptoms of menopause, helps regulate hormonal levels in women, arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Likewise, Vitamin E contains antioxidant properties that fight against the oxidation of free radicals, protecting the health of the skin and tissues.

LIFE PRO ONAGRA OIL is very rich in polyunsaturated essential fatty acids. As it can not be synthesized by our organism, LIFE PRO OIL ONAGRA incorporate with the diet. HOW TO USE: Take one pearl at breakfast and another at lunch.

INGREDIENTS: Evening primrose oil (10% GLA), vitamin E (D alpha tocopherol), soft gelatin wrap, humectant (glycerin) and antioxidant (vitahess E, E-306, E-304i, E-310) (antioxidant).


Evening Primrose Oil 10% GLA2.000,0200 mg GLA
Natural Vitamin E 67% (d-alpha tocopherol)4026.8 mg αTE Vit E *(VRN=223%)
* NRV: Nutriente Reference Value