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LIFE PRO KRE-ALKALYN 2250 MG 100CAPS, is composed of Creapure® and a double buffer system, a mixture of sodium carbonate and disodium bicarbonate. This combination allows to balance the acid synthesis that occurs in sports practice. The double-buffer system is similar to that used by our body to prevent blood acidification in situations of maximum effort. The creatine monohydrate that is part of KRE-ALKALYN increases the concentration of creatine in the cells and, with it, the ability to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the only energy source of the body’s cells.

It does not produce fluid retention, nor does it need to be ingested with carbohydrates to enhance its absorption.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Take three capsules a day of 750 mg.

RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSE: 2250 mg, 3 caps of 750 mg.

INGREDIENTS: Creatine monohydrate (Kre-alkalyn), Magnesium stearate.

ENVELOPE: coating agent (gelatin), humectant (glycerin), water



 1 cap (750 mg) 3 caps (2250 mg)
Kre-alkalyn746 mg2238 mg