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LIFE PRO GLUTAMINE contains 6 GRAMS per intake of L-Glutamine AJINOMOTO®, together with KIOWA®, are the two leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical grade amino acids worldwide, a leading manufacturer of amino acids in.

LIFE PRO GLUTAMINE is made with the pure amino acid L-glutamine which is the most present in our body, a key part of muscle and bone structure. Although glutamine is a non-essential amino acid (the body can manufacture by itself) under conditions of intense physical exertion, overtraining, stress or injury, the body can have deficiency of this amino acid and cause disorders. Also the amount needed by an athlete or person with special intensity in their training is higher than the body can create in a short amount of time.

LIFE PRO GLUTAMINE AJINOMOTO the ideal sports supplement if you are looking for some of these improvements:

  • fast and perfect recovery
  • reduce fatigue and fatigue
  • optimal prevention and avoid and improve small injuries and muscle recovery
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RECOMMENDED USE: Training days: The basic recommended dose is 5 grams (1cazo = 10 gr) after training.

Days of NO training: You can rest or continue with the same dose.


INGREDIENTS: L- Glutamine (99.9%) Ajinomoto.

1 dosage
 L-Glutamine (AJINOMOTO®) 5g