22 July, 2019 desarrollo@indiex.es

LIFE PRO ANTARTIC KRILL is a product composed of Antarctic krill oil. The Krill comes from a small crustacean similar to shrimp and is the main food of whales, blankets and whale sharks.
LIFE PRO ANTARTIC KRILL perfectly combines omega 3 oils (DHA and EPA) with a large amount of antioxidants. LIFE PRO ANTARTIC KRILL is more stable and more resistant to rancidity than conventional fish oil, which means that it lasts longer and does not oxidise in the body. It can last 2 years out of the refrigerator and 4 years inside it. LIFE PRO ANTARTIC KRILL does not leave a fishy taste or produce reflux.
HOW TO USE: One shot of a softgel at breakfast and one in the food.
INGREDIENTS: Aceite de Krill puro, Mín. 40% Fosfolípidos, Mín. 5,5 % DHA, Mín. 10% EPA, Astaxantina, envolvente (gelatina, glicerina).


Pure Krill Oil1000
Min. 40% Phospholipidsmín. 400 mg
Mín. 5,5 % DHAMín. 55 DHA
Mín. 10% EPAMín. 100 mg EPA
Astaxanthin0,2 mg