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Life Pro Fit Food Copos De Avena Cookies 800 G

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Life Pro Fit Food Oat Flakes Cookies is the perfect alternative as a base for breakfast for any athlete or individual who takes care of their diet.


Oats is one of the cereals with the most benefits in terms of nutrition: it contains omega 3, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber, and much more. Enjoy its delicious Cookie flavor now!


Life Pro Fit Food Oat Flakes Cookies

Oatmeal has become one of the favourite foods for athletes seeking to improve their performance and health through good nutrition. This is because we are dealing with one of the most complete cereals, without a doubt, in terms of its nutritional characteristics.

Which is the most complete cereal, without a doubt, in terms of its nutritional characteristics.

Life Pro Fit Food Oat Flakes Cookies have higher content in protein than the rest of the cereals that are usually present in our diet. Just taking this into account, it would be a highly recommended product for any athlete or sportsman, but it also has many other advantages behind it.

Maybe the most outstanding feature of Life Pro Fit Food Oat Flakes & Cookies has to do with the type of carbohydrates it provides. Carbohydrates make up 70% of their total composition and, specifically, they are slow-absorption carbohydrates. In this way, the oat flakes will provide extra long-lasting and sustained energy over time.

In the same line, and because the carbohydrates are gradually processed, a long-lasting feeling of satiety is achieved. For all these reasons, Life Pro Fit Food Oat Flakes & Cookies is ideal for breakfast, as it provides energy to start the day well and will be a great help to maintain the diet and avoid snacking between meals until lunchtime.

Lastly, it also improves the health and general wellbeing of the organism with a series of essential compounds and micronutrients: vitamins B and E, zinc, iron, calcium, fiber, amino acids, and omega 3, among others. All this is accompanied by a tasty and rich cookie flavor to delight your palate.

Benefits of Life Pro Fit Food Oat Flakes Cookies

  • It is one of the most complete and beneficial cereals.
  • High in protein.
  • Its carbohydrates are slowly absorbed.
  • It provides energy for a longer period of time.
  • It has a satiating effect.
  • Rich in fibre.
  • Contains antioxidant properties.
  • Perfect for sportsmen and women.
  • Perfect for athletes.
  • Delicious cookie flavour.

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Frequently questions

¿Es seguro consumir sin calentarlo?

  2022-06-28 16:24:26 - Miguel

Hola !  Si , es completamente seguro :) 

De esos hidratos de carbono, cuantos gramos pertenecen a polialcoholes?

  2021-07-13 11:30:26 - Fernando

Hola ! 

No hay polialcoholes entre sus ingredientes

Los ingredientes son copos de avena , aroma y edulcorante:sucralosa 

Saludos :) 

Buenas, querría saber los ingredientes de los cereales de avena con sabor a cookies, ya que no encuentro esa información en la página web. Gracias

  2021-07-13 08:25:30 - Leticia

Hola ! 

Los ingredientes son copos de avena , aroma y edulcorante:sucralosa 

Saludos :) 

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